Friday, June 10, 2011

Blackstone Valley Half-Marathon


Sorry this is a little late: on May 21, Nik & I ran the Blackstone Valley Half-Marathon, part of the Cherry Tree Running Festival in Pawtucket, R.I.  Pawtucket isn't the nicest place on Earth, but this was the first year for this run so we figured we'd give it a shot. (Besides, most of the run isn't in Pawtucket.)

They put on a pretty good show for a small-sized half-marathon, complete with Chinese dragon dancers for some reason. What the hell, they make a nice addition to any event.

Not to be outdone by the dragons, they also had butterflies.   

Nik didn't have such a swell race -- she felt kind of fatigued throughout, and the weather was humid. The course was actually quite pretty in parts. We'll have to go back there someday. But the run itself was tough.

Not a great half, but another half under her belt, anyway, and another medal for her collection.

I was more tired. In fact, I think I'm all done trying to race half-marathons for a while. I'm all set, thanks.

It wasn't the greatest half we've ever run, but we did see some humongous inflatable things that look like female bits. So there's that.

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Petraruns said...

you just cannot diss a race with gigantic inflatable girlbits - nice! maybe a reminder to use bodyglide? hope Nik's feeling better now?

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