Thursday, August 28, 2008

Episode 44


We're smokin' stew in a tent down by the river with 4 Feet Running! Or, as the French say, Quatre Pieds Courent! This week:

- Nik and Dan do a 3-miler by the Fall River waterfront

- They briefly meet up with their favorite newspaper hawker

- Dan bids a frustrating farewell to the Crazy Man Running Store and finds a new shop

- Nik is feeling better, stomachwise, which is helping her keep up with certain British podcasters on RunnerPlus challenges

- They meet a regiment of French Revolutionary War re-enactors camped by the river, nice people who nearly bayonet a civilian

- Nik and Dan can be Parisian taxi drivers

- There's broken bicycle banter and chi chit-chat

- They get some feedback from very nice people

The Runners Roundtable
Those nice people in the breeches? The 85eme Regiment de Saintonge
Everything you always wanted to know about bike repair (but were afraid to watch)

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The Braga Bridge in Fall River spans the Taunton River.

This is the Battleship Massachusetts, a decommissioned ship. Later, it'll take part in a Revolutionary War re-enactment by lobbing live shells onto the musketeers.

The 85eme Regiment de Saintonge is camped in Heritage State Park.

War re-enactors do love to cook stew over an open flame, don't they?

Apparently they sleep in these tents, right out in the open in a tough city like Fall River. It's a wonder their muskets and powder don't get stolen.

Some very nice war re-enactors with the Regiment de Saintonge. We're beginning to suspect they're not really French...

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Alisa said...

Do I see the Rock n Roll Marathon addition to your upcoming races??


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