Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Episode 49


Which do you want first, the bad news or the good news? 4 Feet Running has both this week:

- Nik and Dan go for a 4.5-miler through their neighborhood

- They have the best running geek week ever, with Runner+ back, a newish Garmin, and challenges on Buckeye Outdoors

- They have a terrible geek week also, as Nik's MacBook Pro lapses into a coma

- Nik and Dan check out treadmills and do really, really long intervals through stores across southern New England

- Reading treadmill reviews is very confusing, but they make the best of it

- Nik and Dan have some goals in mind they'll work toward with or without a hamster wheel

- They get feedback from some very nice people

Clickables: of the Sole F63
Treadmill Doctor
Three Apples Tall

Running on Hemp Tea
Trilogy Running
Maddy's blog
The song Trilogy Running gave us: Kyle Dine, "Gluten Free Blues," available at
Dapper Dan pomade

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Unknown said...

There are treadmills designed to be suitable to particular types of exercises. Treadmills for walking have a lesser belt width than those designed for running. Treadmill costs also depend on their extra features. For heart patients, Treadmills have heart rate counters, with wireless chest straps.

Alisa said...

I think there are quite a few peeps running San Diego! Yay!

If you aren't registered yet I just got a coupon via email I will forward to you. (Includes $10 off any Elite Racing event, including Philly if you are thinking about doing that race next year.)

I'm trying to get a group together for a blogger marathon/half marathon meetup. (Dan, by Fall 2009 you could totally do a half!!!)

Treadmill said...

Treadmill as hamster wheel? In all of my treadmill years, I have not heard that said, but, now that I do, it is so obvious.

Treadmill Traci said...

Good call, hamster wheel is a great way to refer to a treadmill. Have you seen the Woodway Curve? It's a treadmill that literally is curved like a banana instead of being flat. Makes it look even more like a hamster wheel!

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