Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Episode 50


Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan do the audio part of their Santa Dash 5K in snowy Fall River, if the fates allow

- Dan uses various excuses as to why he doesn't run more -- but till then he'll have to muddle through somehow

- Nik's streak of bad luck continues briefly, and is determined not to have a cup of cheer

- Dan can't seem to nestle all snug in his bed when it's nestling time, and visions of sugarplums keep him awake

- They talk about Christmas lights and decking the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, &c.

- Nik wants to deck her bike with a new tire and winter trainer, fa la la la la, &c.

- Figgy pudding is not mentioned anywhere in the show, but I thought I'd mention it here anyway

- They read a whole Santa sleighful of feedback and get several voice messages from nice people

- The annoying hiss you hear during the feedback portion of the show is the sound of the living room radiators at full blast -- sorry for the noise

The shower thing they were talking about that Nik broke
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Yak Trax

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Dan does his best Santa Claus impersonation, which sort of is more eerily accurate than he'd prefer to admit.

Dan strung up the porch with lights, although not having enough lights for the shrub makes it look a little like a cupcake with frosting on top.

The porch is much more impressive if you sit right in the middle of the shrub.

Their Christmas tree is nicely lit up for the holidays.


Alisa said...

I love your living room...very holiday spirit!

I'm with Dan, I LOVE the holidays. I can't say I love the winter BUT with Arctic Blast 2008 that's hitting the Northwest, I forgot how much I liked the snow in Boston. Snow is soooooooo much better than rain!

Your video was's always nice to put faces with your voices.

Unknown said...

Jingle Bells plus Kashmir makes for a a tweaky dj. Where in the world did that come from?

Husky Boy said...

I think I found the problem with your Mac! I just became a listener to your podcast last week, heard your Mac woes, and then I came across this article:,2817,2337151,00.asp

Check it out : "A Monday update to Apple's Leopard operating system continued to wreak havoc today, with some users reporting that Mac OS X 10.5.6 has completely killed their machines.

"Since I (and many other users) installed the update our machines have completely died," Pedro Paiva, who owns a 17-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo, wrote in an e-mail.

When Paiva turns on his MacBook, it makes a spinning sound, the LED light turns on, but then nothing happens, he said.

An authorized Apple reseller told Paiva, who is based in Rio de Janeiro, that "the symptoms look like logic board failure and that I'll probably need to have it replaced. Problem is that warranty expired 9 days ago and logic board costs almost as much as a new machine."

Susan said...

Lovely lights!

Anonymous said...

Nik and Dan, I enjoy your pocast. I've learned about Chi Running (found it very helpful despite Dan's issues with the book - I encourage you to take another look at it), RunnerPlus, Buckeye Outdoors, Runners Roundtable, and Yak Trax (I have not bought them yet, but they look promising especially after all this snow this weekend - I libe in western Mass.).

In regards to Dan's running schedule or lack of it, make yourself an appointment to run and do your best to stick to it, especially for the first month to make it a habit. If you cannot do it now it is even harder when you have kids. I set my alarm at 5:30-5:45 AM - it's the only time I found available for myself to run. I try to run at least 3 days a week. I try for 6 days.

As for coffee, I love it and drink it every morning, but cannot drink it in the evening or I'm up until 3 AM.

Check out the Kodak Zi6 - a $170 compact 720p HD video camera. It is similar to the Flip Mino HD, but cost less, uses rechargeable AA batteries, has a larger LCD screen and supports SD memory cards, up to 32 GB (8 GB cost $19).

Keep up the good work.

G said...

Great Show--except for that idiot Gordon who won't leave you alone.

Here's the deal on my web address/blog title issue. When first I started blogging I used the conventional and free address. Then one day I saw that I could own my own domain for only 10 bucks or so. Visions of internet greatness filled my head. Surely, I was destined to be listed among the internet greats, Jim E. Bay, Bob U. Tube, and Mr. Twitter. But, alas, when I asked for, it was already taken by another overweight guy training for his first marathon-also at Disney. Talk about your Star Trek alternate reality sceaniros. So I had to schoose the present address:, which rolls off the tongue better than the other one. So, for the record-- Running to Disney blog and podcast is located at

Whew. Now I'm tired.

42at42 said...

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

You made a mention of Ralphy and the tongue on the pole. That scene was filmed at a school in St. Catharines, ON. The city next to ours. Just a bit of trivia.


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