Friday, January 2, 2009

Episode 51


Ring in 2009 with a double-dip audio-video special of 4 Feet Running for the New Year! This week:

- Nik and Dan are sick with coughs and colds, but are headed out for a run to start the new year right

- They consider giving their dogs Stanley and Myrna their own Buckeye Outdoors accounts

- Santa got them some really cool presents, both running and non-running related

- Nik has the most annoying alarm clock ever invented

- They refuse to be optimistic about 2009

- But they're still making lots of running plans for the next year, from marathons to running plans to Core Performance routines to hopping-and-skipping exercises

- Nik and Dan take a brief look back at their running year that was 2008, and a look ahead at their new challenges for '09

- They get feedback from some fantastic listeners

Core Performance
Nik's Philips headphones
Dan's Philips earbuds
Brandon's Marathon podcast
MacBook Pro logic board article
Plyometric from Running Planet
Plyometric from Sports Fitness Advisor

Download this episode from iTunes, leave a comment or check us out on Podcast Alley. And feel free to call us at 206-350-1677!

This is the photo of the Christmas lights that Michigan Mike, aka Mr. Beefcake, sent to us! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Nik reads the instruction manual for her Clocky on Christmas morning, which is ready to ruin every morning for her thereafter.

Dan shows off the new fleece running hat and matching green iPod Shuffle he got for Christmas. It clips anywhere!


Alisa said...

I soooooo wanted one of those alarm clocks! Talk about wanting to get up out of bed to shut the damn alarm clock OFF!!!!

G said...

that clock scares me

Bruce said...

Love the hat Dan.

Willing be listening to it on my run monday or Tuesday. I look forward to running with you guys each week. Might even go back and listen to the ones I missed since im a new podcast listener, just started a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link guys! I have not had a chance to get to 'know' you guys yet, but it is now on my 2009 agenda! Happy New Year!


New England Bites said...


I refuse to wake up every morning only to feel like I'm in one of those old Twilight Zone episodes with all the alien-like bleeps and bloops. Good luck with that alarm clock. I've always found that keeping my clock at the opposite end of the room works for me. I'm forced to get out of bed and shut it off.

Good luck in 2009!!!!!! I'm going to start walking again. Gotta get some of this weight off. I won't be "4 feet running" just yet. More like "2 feet walking briskly." Close enough.

Shoe Running said...

Ha ha ha!!! You guys rock for making that video! LOL!!!

Nice work :)

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