Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Episode 55


Coming right up: small Philly run with Cheez Whiz, no mushrooms, no onions, and an extra-large order of 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan take a quick weekend trip to Philadelphia to see their family

- Apologies for taking so long between episodes, but there were on bedbug patrol

- Also trying to determine what all of Nik's Gramma's bizarre kitchen implements do

- If you're ever in the City of Brotherly Love, watch out for a Chili's waitress and a hotel valet who shake down Massachusetts tourists for extra big tips

- They take a run up the Rocky stairs (well, Dan tries to, anyway)

- Both Nik and Dan are doing fantastic with their running -- yes, they actually do talk about running

- Monkey-poop coffee is good to the last plop

- Pat's? Geno's? Pfft. Nik and Dan think best steak sandwich is the Portuguese steak sandwich

- They read a mountain of email, with Special Guest Star Gordon

Where they ran in Philadelphia:

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Monkey-poop coffee (actually, Dan got it wrong -- it's not made by a primate, but a civet, which is more like a cat or a raccoon)
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Dena said...

I had a little trouble listening to this episode while running yesterday. You guys were cracking me up near the end. I can't run and laugh at the same time.

The CRAZY Runner said...

Nik, you are off to a nice start in 2009. You have ran 2 races and obtained 2 PRs. Keep up the good work! - 5K PR, 1/2 PR - Look out Rock n Roll - Nik is comin!!!

PS - Dan, GO RUN !!!!!

Chaos Herself said...

It's fun to listen to you run around my (sort of) home base city. Enjoying your podcasts, please keep them up!

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