Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4 Feet Team! Assemble!


Hi, everybody! Just a quick couple of notes.

OK, so Shawn & Jason from That Other Podcast Where Two People Run Together have put together a little challenge on It pits every running podcast against every other running podcast. You go here, then join your favorite team and your miles get added to that team's total. After a while, they're going to eliminate some podcasts from contention.

So if you like 4 Feet Running best, then you'd go here and join our team. If you like another podcast better, you can vote for that one instead. We won't be offended. It's OK. Basically, the point is, we gotta kick Shawn & Jason out of the challenge!

Second bit of news is, we also have our own challenge up on Buckeye: ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! It's our monthly fun challenge for April. Just go here to join whichever team you think is best, so we can finally figure this whole thing out.

Third bit of news: Yes, there IS another audio episode coming out soon. Sorry it's been taking a while to get these out to you. We recorded at a 10K road race and came away with 3 hours of audio, so we're hacking that down -- and we haven't even done the bit with the e-mails yet! So look forward to that very soon, hopefully on the weekend.

So long, and have a good run!

P.S.: That image is of a buckeye, outdoors. So...that's what that's about.

- Nik and Dan


Alisa said...

Yeah! Who's team do you think I'll be joining??!!! =)

Tim Hibbard said...

The picture also looks like a rotten apple with a bite taken out of it :)

Gary Wall said...

This photo has answered a question for me. What is a buckeye. In the UK we call it a conker. In school we would collect them up, make a hole through the middle and thread string though it. We would then swing the conker at anothers to try to smash it. This has proved harder to explain than I thought it was going to be. I'll shut up now shall I?

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