Saturday, July 11, 2009

Episode 63


It's a family fun-day road race on the 4th of July with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Meet Dan's mom, who is walking her first-ever road race: the Mattapoisett 5-mile Road Race

- Dan's mom is kind of shy about talking into the mike

- Special guest appearances by John from the Poi and his friend Martin, a former marathoner and current cranberry engineer

- Nik tries to overcome a string of lousy runs, Dan's mom gets tips for a first-time road-racer, and Dan keeps his mom company

- Two stop-lights, a post office, and a lot of friendly people: that's Mattapoisett

- They set up another giveaway in the 4 Feet Running Book Club: Running and Being by Dr. George Sheehan -- listen to find out when!

- Nik realizes one meal of pancakes a day is her limit -- not two

- Dan decides to don the luchador mask for a special 5K road race in October (and possibly a cape)

- Tons of fantastic email from wonderful listeners

Mattapoisett Road Race and the full results
Run New England with John from the Poi
Listener Spencer's blog
Listener Travis's blog
Where can I buy one of those fabulous luchador masks -- or perhaps a cape?
The 1/3 marathon
Beach to Beacon 10K

- Enjoy!

Dan gives his mom a helpful tip before the race: "Walk long and taper..."

Dan's two favorite ladies hang out before the start of the road race.

John from the Poi smoked his last year's time at the road race -- a hell of an improvement in just a year.

From listener Travis, a great bunch of runners who are even more fierce inside the squared circle. Our favorite part? Check out the T-shirt on the guy at bottom left. Thanks for sharing, Travis!

Listener Beatnik Bandit is all gory after a bad fall and a couple of overenthusiastic purple-nerples. Thanks, BB!

Can you see any mountain lions or bears in this? I hope not. Stay safe, Funderson!

A great view of Petco Park by listener Eric -- much better view than we got on the ground. Thanks so much!

Sweet Daddy D's tattoo of Casey's paw -- fantastic!

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CewTwo said...

Remember (from "The Incredibles") that capes are a bad thing...

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