Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Episode 71


It's a sick, sick, sick, sick world with 4 Feet Running! Where the hell have Nik and Dan been? And where are they going?

- Nik is waylaid by another long and arduous illness -- this time bronchitis

- Dan is waylaid by a small and squishy exercise ball

- A nurse laughs at Dan's pain

- After being floored by various ailments, they get knocked over by 2 feet of snow and then the holidays

- But they use the opportunity to try out their new screw-shoes (some assembly required)

- They adjust, and then re-adjust, and then re-re-adjust their training plans

- Dan's mom gets new kicks

- Nik reviews a nice running shirt from Thriv, but will not be seen in it in public for reasons of modesty

- They read more emails from wonderful listeners

- Hey! Adam Tinkoff has a new show! Go check it out!

- This is the second-to-last episode we will be producing. We have a brief note about the upcoming final episode of 4 Feet Running

Thriv clothing
Want to get screwed? Try it on your shoes!
Did we mention there's a new show from Adam?

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Here's a look at the soles of Nik and Dan's screw-shoes, all mucked up with slush, salt, and sand.

The screw heads stick out of the rubber sole a bit, so they act as cleats. No damage to the inside of the shoes, and no, you don't end up piercing yourself.

Nik reviewed a Thriv bamboo-fabric workout shirt. Nice logo, isn't it?

As you can see, the shirt is made of great bamboo material, but the white color is rather ... uh ... sheer.

Speaking of sheer-colored shirts: here's Sweet Daddy D just out for a quick holiday bite to eat with some of his buddies. It's amazing how many of them can fit in his hot tub! Thanks, Sweet Daddy D! Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

So we waited and waited and waited to hear from you again - only for you to tell us the end is near? Oh - the horror! Looking forward to hearing more on this - I have enjoyed the run :) with you. Are you guys going to have baby?!?!?

- Don from Illinois

Anonymous said...

Tell me it ain't so! Yours is one of my favorite podcasts. I will miss you guys so much!

--Melissa from Indiana

Dan said...

Don: Not right this second, JEEEZ! :)

Melissa: Sorry, it's so. Thanks! Our last episode will be out soonish, we hope.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Nik:

I have enjoyed every episode - and I will miss having you along for my runs. You guys are great and I thank you for sharing all your time, wisdom and humor with me. You have made it all more fun. Best of luck in all you do...

- Don from Illinois

Unknown said...

I'm really going to miss this podcast - by far my favorite out there in the podcast world. I've been training for the Hyannis Marathon in February and listening to your podcasts during my otherwise boring long how am I going to get in my final long runs?!? Thanks for ruining my marathon training, guys.

Just kidding - I wish you all the best, and really appreciate the effort that you have put into making a consistently funny and enjoyable podcast. Good luck to both of you!!!

オテモヤン said...


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