Saturday, April 3, 2010

Interview with little ol' us

Ian, a longtime listener to our show, has a great blog called Running OK in the UK. It's a fantastic blog with a great mix of stuff -- it's got recipes, his training, book recommendations, and more. I learned that Coke used to be green on his blog. Really!

And look: There's an interview with us! Ian sent us some really wonderful questions and we did our best to answer them.

How do we feel now that we retired 4 Feet Running? Would we ever come back? We just read and gave away "Born to Run" -- but what did we really think of it? How'd we get started running, why do we keep running, how do we stay motivated, and what are our dream goals? The answers to some of these questions may surprise you!

Maybe not -- maybe you're someone who's never surprised at anything. Or maybe you really are surprised by things but only pretend not to be. Because being surprised in that way makes you feel emotionally vulnerable and you don't want to let people in, so you project an air of cynicism and world-weariness that protects the vulnerable child inside of you at the expense of being able to feel a truly profound connection with people.

But the answers probably will surprise you.

Only one way to know for sure. Go check out Ian's blog. It's lots of fun and informative, and we hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again, Ian, for the interview!



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