Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tie your shoes


4 Feet Running - Tie Your Shoes from 4 Feet Running on Vimeo.

It's another 4 Feet Running video special! Nik and Dan wear their Brooks Launches, also known as the Awesome Magic Champion Shoes, and teach you how to tie your laces like an awesome magic champion. Featuring special guest appearances by Stanley, Myrna, and the contents of Myrna's colon.

Check out Ian's Shoelace Site, where Nik got the idea to tie her shoes differently.

Thanks for watching. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Speed laces or lace tabs. ;-)

BTW, the laces NBs come with tend not to come unlaced given they have a funky edge to them. As always use what works best for your application.


Nik and Dan said...

Thanks for the suggestion Mark.
I did consider the speed laces, but this is a free, easy, and very secure method of tying shoes running or otherwise.
That's great about the NB laces, but as seen in the video, we only talked about our current running shoes, the Nike Frees and Brooks Launch.

zbsports said...

I love the video it is cool. Thanks for sharing it. Nice post too. Keep it up!!!

vibram said...

Thanks for sharing this!
I like the video, it's so cool! Lovin' it! :)

janelle said...

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing- I need to learn how to make some vids like this;)


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