Saturday, October 30, 2010

Run Photo of the Day 10.30.10 : Running Partners


20 miles was on my schedule today, I've been having a bad couple of weeks
of aches, pains, colds and general lost of mojoness.
I was not confident about this run, but having some running partners along really helped.

Stanley's a champ and ran 13.7 miles with me.
We stopped at his favorite pond to point at some leaves or
whatever those fluffy seed-pod things are. He ate one.

After running 3 miles with Dan, Myrna joined me for 4.75 miles.
She prefers eating the grass by the pond.

After dropping the pups off,
I persuaded Dan to go out for a second run with me.
We stopped to take pictures and look for a geocache.

Dan was tired and decided to go home, so I ran the last 2 and a half miles alone.
It ended up being fun and strong 20-miler.


Mel said...

So pleased you guys are posting again. I still miss your podcast so much, but your blog posts help fill the gap.
Welcome back.

funderson said...

Yooray! running partners are the BEST.

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