Saturday, January 8, 2011

Run Photo of the Day 1.8.11: New gear


I got tired of wearing baggy workout pants in the winter, because they've been uncomfortable and slowing me down. So I bought myself a pair of Brooks Running Infiniti tights. Not the 3/4 capris -- I went ankle-deep with these babies. They were extremely comfortable, and after one run I'm sold. It's tights only from now on. When running in cold weather. I'm not taking them into the office or anything. And yes, I wear shorts over them because nobody needs to see what it looks like otherwise.

Also, Nik & I got us a headlamp -- this running in dark winter months is getting us down. One of our major running routes is shut down because of construction and won't be opening up anytime soon. Between that and the dark hours, our running routes have been feeling limited. This should open things up a bit.


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

I headlamp in imperative and I love mine. I also love tights but no shorts. Do I have a bump in that area - yes - deal with it people! My daughter always makes fun of me. She says to my Dad, "Did you ever think your son would be wearing tights?" I'd never run without them in the winter.

Dena said...

A good headlamp and pair of running tights are on my essential gear list for winter.

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