Sunday, March 6, 2011

Run Photo of the Day 3.5.11: Irish 5K


Nik & I ran the first in a three-race series of 5Ks, the Irish 5K in Pawtucket, R.I.

The race started in downtown Pawtucket, right next to the historic Slater Mill, which as any idiot knows off the top of his head without consulting Wikipedia at all is the first water-powered cotton spinning mill in North America to utilize the Arkwright system of cotton spinning as developed by Richard Arkwright. 

We had a bit of a snafu before the race started -- we had picked up our bibs a few days beforehand, but then forgot to bring them on the day of the race. The bibs also contained our timing chips. So there was a few moments of panicking in the car about whether to give up, go home & try to drive back in time, or bandit the race. Instead we threw ourselves on the mercy of the race directors. They were kind enough to give us replacements for free. So thumbs-up to them. They're good people.

There were about 1,000 people running, and this is only the Irish 5K's first year. That's good, because Pawtucket could use all the civic pride it can get. For those of you not from our area, Pawtucket has a reputation as a shithole -- a well-deserved reputation. Apart from the quaint area where the race started, the rest of the route followed some of the dingiest, most broken-down industrial scenery we've seen in quite some time. Pawtucket also has a reputation as being a haven for cat-hoarders. We didn't see any cats on the route (probably because they were all being hoarded inside somewhere).

Still, the race itself was a lot of fun. Afterward, Nik auditioned for the new hit TV drama "CSI: Pawtucket." YEAAAAAAAAAAH!

To find out how we did, check out Nik's race report on Daily Mile.

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