Thursday, May 5, 2011

New episode: Boston Mini-Vacation


Spend the weekend in Boston with 4 Feet Running! Known in the metro Boston area as Faw Feet Runnin. In this very special episode:

- Nik and Dan drive to Boston and get a wicked good paaakin space

- They get ready to run the Poco Loco, a 13-mile group run of Boston and Cambridge along the Chaaales Rivah, with Steve Runner, Zen Runner, Eddie Marathon, Chris Russell, Tim D., Tim C., Jay and Deb Kumar, Kelly, Jim, Ninjarunner, Kevin Z., Alett, and special guest appearance by John Ellis

- You will barely hear from any of those people because of technical difficulties

- Find out what Nik & Dan have been doing since December, and where they're going in 2011

- Dan's now unemployed. Will work for food (though I'd prefer to work for money)

- Talking skepticism with Steve and jazz with Zen Runner

- A walk through the park in the Fenway, and then a walk through Fenway Park

- Put on your mittens and long underwear, Satan: Nik attends her very first Red Sox game

- Dan gets super-excited while praying in The Cathedral of Baseball

- More of that appalling 4 Feet Running sound quality you crave

Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

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Before we set out on the Poco Loco, we all heard a safety speech from Zen Runner. From left: Tim Doiron, Deb Kumar, Kelly Davis-Orr, Jim Snyder.

Adam gives us the lowdown on the course.

From left: Steve Runner, Eddie Marathon, Jay Kumar, Neal Bearse, who is clearly not paying attention to the safety seminar.

Steve gave Dan a pack of Phiten brand titanium stickers. You stick them on your body and there's some magical healing power that will, according to the pseudoscientific nonsense on the package, "increase your performance." So he put one on his brain. It did not work. 

At a brief rest break in Cambridge, Steve looks out over the Charles River.

Nik stands in front of the Charles, with the John Hancock Tower behind her.

John Ellis once caught a fish this big

Kevin Z., Adam, and Tim Cleary hang out during a brief rest break by the State Police barracks, about 3.5 miles into the run.

Jay Kumar and Nik were among the faster people in the group, so they helpfully waited for the slowpoke Poco Locoite (Dan).

After the Poco Loco, the whole crew went to the Sunset Grille and Tap in Allston. Check out this parking job. This isn't Nik & Dan's car -- this is Jim Snyder's. He drove us there and snagged this spot right outside the bar, parallel parking like a champion. It was truly a miraculous day for everyone's cars.

The day after the Poco Loco, we visited Boston again and walked through a rose garden on our way to Fenway Park.

Nik in front of a mural inside the stadium. Dan made her wear the hat.

Yawkey Way outside the stadium is packed with pedestrians, and it's one of the only places you can walk around on the street with a beer.

Our seats were in the right field bleachers and were actually very nice. Click the panorama to see it larger.

This cat was great -- he kept yelling orders toward the field, started several chants, and here he's singing all the lyrics to "Sweet Caroline." He was evidently 100% sober, too. 

The place erupted into ecstatic cheers after the Sox won, 3-2. And to think, this wasn't really an important game.

Dan was all set to come back the next day.

Afterward, we went down to the field and walked along the warning track. We got close enough to the Green Monster to touch it. It feels pretty much like a wall.

Dan was very excited, and wanted to steal various bits of the field including these signs.

Even Nik enjoyed it too, although she remains baseball-agnostic.
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