Friday, February 29, 2008

Episode 29


It's a case of the Februaries at the Hyannis Half-Marathon with 4 Feet Running! In this special race-day episode:

- Nik and Dan head to beautiful Hyannis, the tricep of Cape Cod

- They track the elusive North American sister Kim, a wily, rarely photographed mammal that's small and Asian

- After funerals and emergency room visits with relatives, Nik and Dan get the Februaries

- They discuss American cultural development vis a vis breakfast eggs

- It's chaotic in Hyannis but at least everybody survives intact

- Nik runs a great half-marathon race in record time

- Dan pays a record amount of money for a bagel

- They do a post-race wrapup and read some e-mails from very nice people

The Hyannis Half-Marathon results
RunningRamblings podcast
Running to Disney

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On their drive to Hyannis, Dan notices the stupidest set of instructions ever, on a gas pump in Cape Cod.

Nik and Dan scope out the finish line scaffolding beforehand, just in case.

Dan brought along his halo to keep him busy while Nik runs the half-marathon.

Nik prepares to run the race without carrying a water bottle -- bad move considering they ran out of water at the first stop.

Aha! Dan snaps off a frameable portrait of Nik's sister Kim, in green, as she heads toward the finish line.

He has better luck getting Nik near the finish.

Nik shares post-race notes while Kim does something with her hair. It's the best photo we had of her, honestly.

Can you spot what's wrong with this medal?

These photos make it look like there's a pyramid in the background. The Great Pyramid of Hyannis is actually nowhere near here.

Click for a larger version of the map.


dan.keeler said...

Just found your podcast a few weeks ago, and have been loving it. My iPod doesn't hold a charge very long anymore (pieceo'crapdroppedtoomanytimesnotworkingrightpileo'junk old mini) so I listen to the older episodes while I am driving around at work. Keep up the good work, and stay away from the scaffolding!!! runnerdan128

42at42 said...

Congrats on your first "1/2 Narathon" Which half did you narate?

42at42 said...

Dan, I do believe that is called a 'soft boiled egg'.

Dan said...

Runnerdan: Thanks for listening! Sorry to hear about the iPod. They make shuffles really cheap now, though.

Marty: Yup, that's it. The day after the race, Nik came up with it too. I've never eaten one of those, either.

Mary said...

Nick you look really good when you are running. It almost looks like you are in your place.

Dan now you know what I'm going through with not being able to go and work out. I'm thinking of down loading your first few Episode so I can feel like I'm starting with you Dan one more time.

Thank you to both of you for what you are doing


Gordon Scott said...

Hey Guys, greetings from the Isle of Tiree, a small island off the north west coast of Scotland, pop., 800, heard about you via Adam Tinkoff today, downloaded the show and loved it. Looking forward to more. By the way I would have said a 'boiled egg', it can either be hard or soft boiled. I was running along the beach in a 25mph headwind shouting 'boiled egg'. Luckily, apart from some cows, there were no witnesses. Gordon

Jodi said...

Yall look like you had fun at the 1/2 narathon. Your last one nade this one look like a cinch! Did you eat any nashed potatoes after the race? Or did you shop at the nall like last tine? Nay you have a great weekend!
-Confessions of a Rummer

SteveChopper said...

...also could be called a "dippy" egg as you can dip your "soldiers" in it (strips of toast or bread!) .. or maybe thats just over here in that funny England place !!! been enjoying the shows keep them up! I mentioned you on my podcast as my friend and fall in a bog so we discuss having a the "clean shoes / muddy shoes" pastiche of the 4 feet running logo ! Check it out on "a mile with me" ( if you get a chance! All the best Steve :o)

Alisa said...

Congrats on your 1/2 Narathon!

I'd never heard of poached eggs until I met my husband and for the longest time I didn't know they were poached eggs I just called them Justin eggs =).

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