Friday, March 21, 2008

Episode 31


Experience the sounds, sights, tastes, and smells of New Bedford, Mass., with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik runs the New Bedford Half-Marathon (that's it, no special name)

- Dan's having a great time running now that he's introduced cartography into his routine

- Nik is having less fun -- she's burnt out, tired, and queasy

- Some sights: Barflies emerging from their cocoon

- Some tastes: KFC, fish sandwiches, and Fierce Gatorade

- Some smells: Fish, garbage, dog poop from the future

- They listen to a special audio comment from a nice person

Map My Run
New Bedford Half-Marathon
24 hours of "whale blubber talk"

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Nik attaches her race bib to her fuel belt in a cool, stylish place.

Nik stands in the spot where she and Dan have arranged to meet -- right by the lady in the blue coat biting her nails through her gloves.

Nik lines up with all the other runners -- there were about 2,000 in all. Not all in the photo.

While she ran the race, Dan decided to hit some of New Bedford's hotspots.

This is the church that Herman Melville used as the inspiration for the chapel in the beginning of "Moby-Dick." This is interesting to, like, 6 other people.

This is one of the nicer areas of New Bedford, in the historic district.

Nik runs across the finish line. For once, there wasn't anybody blocking Dan's view.

Nik's ankles: Before the race.

Nik's ankles: After the race


G said...

What was that thing on your ankle and why did it hurt you?

Thanks for the shout out about my blog and all on your show 28 or 29.

Nik: Hang in there!

Dan: Keep it up!

Gordon (

Marnee said...

It looks like the timing chip. Those ankle ones are usually reserved for triathlons I figured. Looks like it blistered ya up pretty good. That sucks.

I remember when I first discovered Map My Run. Oh run times. I'm a geography and GIS geek too, so I was in love; still am.

Nicole said...

Yeah, that timing chip did not agree with my ankle. Nearly a week later and it's still sore friction issues.

Gordon: no problem, you have a great blog- good luck on your half & nice legs. :)

Marnee: Dan loves Map My Run! It's definitely helped motivate him.

Susan said...

Great episode, as always! Sorry about the bloody ankle. That's gotta suck!

New England Bites said...

Oh man, that ankle looks bad!!! Poor gal, but you kept on truckin'! Good for you!

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