Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Episode 32


4 Feet Running goes back to the future! Actually, to California. Hill Valley, California! Actually, to Berkeley. In this week's 32nd episode:

- Nik drops Dan off at the airport so he can attend a multimedia journalism conference in Berkeley

- Dan's now linked in to Facebook and Twitter

- Nik uses her powers of deduction, honed by years of watching "Murder She Wrote," to solve the mystery of her recent queasiness

- Dan, aka Future Boy, gets the DeLorean up to 88 to end up back in time on the west coast

- He gets a panic attack

- Dan runs twice through the streets of Berkeley, the second time bringing along a special guest star

- Dan reports live from downtown San Francisco with the most bizarre, uninformed travel show ever

- Gramma doesn't think very much of Dan, but he behaves himself very well and comes home safe

- Nik and Dan catch up and read some email and iTunes reviews from very nice people

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He's also on Twitter now too
The Knight Digital Media Center

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Dan peeks out the window of his plane before it leaves Boston.

For some reason, he keeps getting stopped in airports. Does this guy look suspicious to you?

An aerial view of Fall River, the horizontal piece between the two bodies of water. You can almost see Nik and Dan's house. It's a couple down from the red one.

Dan flew over the Rocky Mountains during the 6-hour plane ride to California.

Among the many wonders of the West Coast Dan was witness to: this street in Berkeley.

And his hotel room.

The lobby was much nicer, though.

The view from his hotel room includes the Golden Gate Bridge (pinkish smudge way, way in the background). There were better days than this to take pictures of it, but he was very busy.

The Sather Gate on the UC Berkeley campus is right near where Dan stayed, on the way to the conference.

Dan is a steady hand at night shots of the Sather Bell Tower. Who says he can't hold his liquor?

A stitched-together panorama of the courtyard of UC Berkeley's North Gate Hall, on Hearst and Euclid avenues. If you click it and look closely, you can see two copies of the same Berkeley professor -- the original and his evil twin, Raoul.

Yes, he really owns this shirt.

Click below for a slideshow of even more photos from San Francisco and Berkeley!

And here's a quick map of where I ran (both alone and with Dennis...I think. It was dark):

View Larger Map


Zen Runner said...

Great pics Danno... I have a killer story about Berkley involving a quest for a Mango, The Grateful Dead at the Greek, refractive sticker clans, and liquid on a sugar cube... but I'll save that for a very, very long run.

Jodi said...

This, episode rocked! Was that a song, by the Gypsie Kings at the end? It sounded, like them.

My aunt, & uncle live in the neighborhood next to UC Berkley. My fav run there has gotta be (wait,,, we didn''''t run, we rode bikes!) a bike ride to the BART,,,, riding downtown,,, over the golden gate into Saucilito,,, and a ferry ride back to S.F. It was AWESOME!

Dan,,,,, you could be a local in S.F. You remind me of a hippie-like,, old fart writer,,,,, that sips coffee in bookstores and enjoys discussing the meaning of life. RIght? RIGHT? :-) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

42at42 said...

A good joke to play on someone is to take one of those alarm tags and stick it on someone. It is fun to watch them leave the store. Maybe that is what happens to you?

42at42 said...

You mentioned you were overdressed in San Fran. I went there in August 2001 (right before 9/11)it was 95F in Southern Ontario and I froze my ___ off. I could believe how cold it was.
"The coldest winter I ever saw was the summer I spent in San Francisco."
Mark Twain

Susan said...


That was WAY COOL that you found a running partner in CA!

Enjoyed the show, as always. Great pics!

Alisa said...

Isn't the SF/Berk area beautiful? Too bad you didn't get to explore more. Sometime you and Nik will have to plan and trip out and Justin and I can be your tour guides. SF is a great city!

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