Saturday, April 12, 2008

Episode 33


Take a run downtown with 4 Feet Running as Nik and Dan run the Officer Thomas Giunta Memorial 5K road race! This week:

- Nik recalls her first time running this race years before, the start of her running habit

- Dan finally -- FINALLY -- gets a 10K training plan

- Nik's running routine isn't working so great for her, plus oil paint poisoning sucks

- They come dangerously close to not getting any race swag due to poor foresight

- Nik wins the Whitest Sneakers Award for her brand-new Brooks, purchased at the Crazy Man Running Store

- Dan outruns the military for most of the race

- Other characters glimpsed in this episode: Nik's Chauvinist Teacher, Dan's ex-coworker Stacey, and an accountant named Bubbles

- They discuss Dan's new 10 in 10 Challenge and read some reviews by very nice people

The 10 in 10 Challenge by Nigel from Running from the Reaper
More about the race

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A panorama of the inside of the Municipal Veterans Memorial, where Nik and Dan picked up their race numbers (and later, their swag).

Some kind stranger took a picture of both of us at the start of the race. Very few pictures exist with both of us in the shot, leading many people to believe that we're actually the same person.

Nik gives Dan the hairy eyeball for some reason.

Members of the ROTC line up in formation. They followed Dan at a steady pace for much of the race, trying desperately to catch up to his pace. Finally, Dan quit toying with them and let them pass.

Winner of the Whitest Sneakers Award 2008 goes to Nik for her new Brooks Dyad 4s. Good job!

The T-shirts came in XL only. More free T-shirts for Dan! Or, Nik can use hers as a miniskirt/top combo.

Click here for an interactive map of the course!

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42at42 said...

Great race you two. That is quite a confusing way to get a finish time. I have run a few races, but I have always raced with a chip.

Dan your music collection is amazing. That song about the t-shirt made me crack-up.

Dan said...

Yeah, there was no chip, so your time is from when the gun goes off to when the cat with the clipboard jots your number down, I think.

Thanks about the song, which reminds me. If Jodi jumps on here: last episode, yep, that was the Gipsy Kings covering Hotel California.

Fipsum said...

I love the interactive map. Great job on the race, you two.

I enjoyed listening to this episode while running my own personal 5K here in Gaithersburg, MD (No, I'm not the Martin from "Running Ramblings," nor am I the 42at42 Marty. Anyway, the cool thing was, that I finished my run at the point in the podcast where Dan finished his. So as I did a cooldown walk, I could identify with Dan quite a bit.

Also, the new Garmin 305 is working out great. Thanks for the input! I love playing back my routes on MotionBased and seeing the little pin trace my route. Very entertaining!

Lastly, I've run three 5Ks (all last summer). I've been intimidated by the prospect of training for a 10K, but if Dan can do it, so can I. Thanks for the extra push I needed.

Keep it up. Five stars all the way, baby!!!

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