Monday, July 14, 2008

Episode 41


These colors DO run with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan meet Special Guest Star John to run the Mattapoisett 4th of July 5-mile road race

- They talk about Mattapoisett history, and how it's the nicest, most quaint town in southern Massachusetts

- Running podcasts are the best -- all three of them are agreed on this

- John describes what it's like to run a 10-mile-long 5K

- Embarrassing race running stories aplenty, and what it's like to quit smoking after decades

- Nik talks a little bit about gluten intolerance and her possible Celiac disease

- They get a special message from Adam "Another Runner" Tinkoff and Austin Hastings

- They read feedback and reviews from some very nice people

- Special thanks to John for making it a great show!

Mattapoisett road race results
The Onion: "I'm Training to Ruin a Marathon"
Running the Narrow Path podcast

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Nik watches Dan cross the finish line, having knocked over several toddlers and elderly women to get this prime spot.

The actual route is prettier than this map lets on. See below!

Check out these fantastic photos of the area around the Mattapoisett road race route, taken by listener John!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Nik and Dan for making me your "guest Star" on 4 Feet running! Perhaps we should call it 6 feet running this week?! It was great having you visit our sea side town and invite all to come for a run, but stay for some seafood! Thanks Nik and Dan - keep up the great work!
John from Mattapoisett

Anonymous said...

Looking good Dan!

Gordon Scott said...

Great pciture Dan. You sounded really strong before and after the run. What a difference a race makes. Really enjoyed the input from John too, sounds like a top guy.

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