Monday, July 28, 2008

Episode 42

Celebrate 1 year running with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan run at night in Bristol, R.I., to escape the heat

- They recap their yearlong adventures podcasting and in running

- Dan's gone from a blob to an honest-to-goodness runner

- Nik's working through her GI issues, and she doesn't mean an overseas deployment, unless "overseas deployment" is some sort of euphemism

- They discuss the first podcasts they ever listened to, and their first experiences with running podcasts in particular

- Dan gets the hard sell from a gym membership lady

- He also describes a relaxing experience on the open water

- They read feedback from some wonderful people

- Stay tuned at the end for a special treat!

Get a nice baseball hat (thanks, Ultradad)
The Finnish race that's hard for Americans to pronounce
Gluten Free Girl
Mom on the Run



Susan said...

GREAT show, guys! I especially loved the ending with all of the snippets from the last year. Hilarious!

Congrats on a great year. I seriously adore your show. PLEASE keep it up! And if I ever make it to Massachussetts, I am calling on you for a run.

Nik, I am glad you're getting a handle on your I-hate-to-call-it-a-disease.

Leina said...

Hey, I just started C25K (just finishing up week 1) and my sister recommended your podcast. Episode 42 was my first listen and I really enjoyed it.

Just wanted to let Nik know that I too have a gluten intolerance and was tested for Cealic (upper GI scope) a couple months ago. It was absolutely no big deal! Didn't feel a thing and didn't even have a sore throat after.

I had a three month old at the time and feel that every new mom should get something done that involves conscious sedation. It was the only time in the last six months that I've had to myself without needing to jump up at the slightest sound. Mostly kidding.

Good luck Nik, on finding some answers...
it's a hard road. Best case is you only have an intolerance and eating gluten free makes you feel a thousand times better and clears up any and all medical issues you might have.

Worst case, you do have Cealic and eating gluten free makes you feel a thousand times better and clears up any and all medical issues you might have. :)

Thanks for sharing your life and running with the rest of us!

Alisa said...

So sad, I haven't listened to it yet...been sooo busy! BUT I will be running along with you two tomorrow.

Stay tuned for puppy pics next week on my blog...we pick her up on Sunday!

Your painting Nik is going above her bed =).

Nicole said...

Thanks guys for the kind words about our show! :)

Susan: awe, shucks!

csbozeman: Thanks for the reassurance, it's nice to know I'm not alone. And good luck on the C25K!


Alisa said...

Pictures are up and my blog!

Loved the show!

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