Sunday, September 14, 2008

Where the hell are we?


Don't worry: We're still making the show! In the meantime, here's a cute picture!

Long story short, we tried to record episode 45 last weekend, but that didn't go so well. We were going to record in Tiverton, R.I., but got a flat tire on the way. We couldn't find time to record any other time in the week after that.

Finding time in the week to record has been a bit tough, between work, changing schedules, insomnia, and lousy weather. But rest assured we're going to be recording as soon as we can, probably tomorrow in fact, then we'll edit furiously, and then you can listen to us blather on about silly sh__ while you run!

Because of our schedules, we'll probably be making the show every two weeks instead of every week (or, more accurately for lately, every 10 days or so). Sorry about that, but consider this: it'll be fortnightly! Doesn't that sound nicer?

We'll check in with you guys very, very soon, and thanks for listening!


Petraruns said...

You're not fooling me - you're clearly sitting on the sofa (with very hairy arms) scratching the dog under his / her chin... And is that the faint blue reflection of the TV?

No but seriously don't know how you guys find the time to do this AT ALL so don't apologise - get to it when you can and our podcatchers will gratefully catch! Keep up the silly sh_. And funny cr_. Etc....

Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff. . . but, we miss you guys. I found your podcast recently - the "worst podcast ever" title lured me in. After realizing how great your podcast was, I listened to them all from the first episode! The downside of that is that I could listen to a new podcast every few days. Is their some kind of patch I can get to wean myself down to every two weeks?

Molly :)

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