Thursday, September 18, 2008

Episode 45


This is take three of 4 Feet Running! No wait--take four. This week is jam-packed:

- Nik and Dan explain their unexplained absence on a 4-mile run through their neighborhood: crappy luck

- They decide to take the show biweekly for now due to life stuff

- Nik continues her rivalry on the Million Feet Running Challenge with Nigel from Running from the Reaper

- They review Chi Running by Danny Dreyer and Pose Method of Running by Nicholas Romanov

- Nik explains how she's been running twice a day

- Dan's got a slight case of dehydration and sleep deprivation, which is not unique to him in his office

- They explain all this Bad Boys of Running vs. Bad Girls of Running business

- They get feedback from some very nice people

Chi Running
Pose Method of Running
Core Performance
Tommy Neeson is running from Maine to Florida for charity
Double your runs Runner's World articles by Ed Eyestone & Jeff Galloway
Run From... podcast
Star Wars Runner
Be a bad girl or boy and join the Bad Girls of Running Vs. Bad Boys of Running challenge on

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Goofus tries his own kind of running, while Gallant uses the Pose Method:

These next two show some of the Pose Method exercises you can try, or if you just feel like dancing:

Dr. Romanov critiques a runner's form:

A Chi Running master showing the proper form:

The official Chi Running promo video:

And some guy we found on the Internet whose running form is impeccable:


Susan said...

Great show! I missed you guys.

Anonymous said...

As usualy, great show.....the more PC name for "Husky" is "Clydesdale". Check out Mizuno's sneakers before you buy.

Unknown said...

Ummm, am I the only one with a twisted mind here? I can't believe nobody else has commented on how hilariously obscene the top pic is. Guess I am a "real" truck driver after all, LOL!

Looking forward to listening to episode 45 next week (caught up, YAY!!!)


Anonymous said...

I had been looking at purchasing the POSE book. After listening to your podcast I am so glad that I didn't buy the book. Thanks.

New England Bites said...

Love the Goofus and Gallant reference. I always try and grab a Highlights mag when I'm at the doctor's office.

Have you two ever thought of auditioning for The Amazing Race? I think you'd be perfect!

Laura :o)

Unknown said...

Hey guys - new to the podcast. Loved it - loved it - loved it. The reference to the flat tire & jack left me with tears in my eyes!! Not a good thing on the Schuylkill Exp.

Can't wait till listen to the rest - playing catch up.

BTW - Nik - joined the challenge yesterday. Though I've only started running so my measly miles aren't that much help!!

Good luck with training!!

RoadBunner said...

hiya! I was the one who got the high five today on Runners Roundtable! So exciting! My brush with celebrity! I'm reading Chi Running now and agree the first few chapters are not my cup of tea. Hopefully I'll get to the running part soon!

Ultradad said...

Great show. I agree with your take on Chi Running it definitely isn't for everybody. Too bad I spent the money on the book. But you saved me the cost of the pose running book. Thanks for putting out a great podcast.

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