Saturday, October 4, 2008

Episode 46


4 Feet Running has a wicked good time at the Salem Wicked Half-Marathon! This jam-packed week:

- Nik and Dan get lost in a thick, dark fog in America's spookiest city

- Nik prepares to run the Wicked Half, her longest distance in a while thanks to some gastrointestinal & dietary issues

- Speaking of which, she finally gets an answer as to what's wrong with her (sort of)

- Dan realizes he's too neurotic to do Chi Running

- They get recognized by a very nice listener

- Dan hears a very angry half-marathoner refuse any sort of encouragement whatsoever in the strongest possible language

- Nik has a great time at the race but misses her favorite socks

- They also discuss some other interesting clothing choices in their childhood

- They get some fantastic feedback


Star Wars Runner
Runtroniks' blog
A wicked good half-marathon
How'd everybody do?
Husky jeans

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Nik and Dan take a look at some of the sights around Salem. There's actually water behind her, somewhere.

The race began at this school, which is probably haunted. Just look at it.

Nik gets ready to run the half, starting at the back.

Salem's power plant, one of the many establishments in and around the area that do not serve coffee and bagels to hungry husbands waiting for their wives to finish half-marathons.

Leaves are starting to turn in New England.

Nik rounds the final turn in the Salem Wicked Half.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I laughed out loud when I listened to the podcast this morning. It was fun to see you guys at the race. I was really surprised to hear my voice. I didn't think Dan was recording when I ran by but it makes sense now that I see the pictures. Nik, I think you're great but I really wasn't dressed as your twin on purpose. ;) I think we had pretty identical race reports too.

42at42 said...

Great run, sometimes the best runs are the ones you don't feel like running. The runs that if someone offered you a ride at the 3K mark, you would have to think hard about whether you want to accept.
Dan you were asking about running in kilts. On Robbie Burns day in Burlington, Ontario, they hold a race, sometimes a very cold race and some to run in kilts. We found out in the awards ceremony that some wear the kilt in the traditional way. This link is to the guy who one the competition. He ran with shorts under his kilt but won the costume contest going commando. The entertainment remained PG except for a flash of the moon.
Click here for pic

Oh ya Dan, 'Bless you'

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