Monday, February 2, 2009

Episode 53


Make way for 4 Feet Running! This action-packed week:

- Nik, Dan, and the dogs run 3 miles in Boston's Public Garden and Common

- Nik starts her San Diego Marathon training plan and is liking it, except for a tiny little pain in her shin that comes & goes

- Constant snow and ice keeps frustrating them, and work gets in the way of Dan's running (really, trust me)

- They may have witnessed a horrible crime in the middle of the Public Garden

- The difference between cable exercises and kegel exercises

- Rest In Peace: Dan's NikePlus Sportband. In a related development, Dan gets an early birthday present

- Who would win in a fight: a monkey or a unicorn?

- Want to support the move to get Dan's chubby bum out on the road? Buy your "DAN GO RUN" gear here at Cafe Press

- They read tons of great email from wonderful people

- The Funky Gibbon is on Twitter
- Run Digger Run
- Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, Pa.
- Arizona Rock n Roll Marathon results
- Run New England with John from the Poi!
- The Providence half-marathon Dan will run
- The Garmin 205 and the Nike+ Sportband
- Uncle Higgy is the best

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Stanley looks at all the sights on the way in to Boston.

The Back Bay is very posh, but people still don't know how to shovel their confounded sidewalks.

So we went running in Boston Common instead, which was still covered with snow but at least a little easier to manage.

The pups were very well behaved.

Even by the Statehouse

For a while, Stanley didn't realize the "Make Way For Ducklings" ducklings were fake, and was pointing at them until he got his mouth on the mother duck.

Afterward, we all went home very tired and sore. The end.

Except for this. Myrna's sporting her "Dan Go Run!" T-shirt.

1 comment:

Alisa said...

Wish we still lived in Boston, I used to run there all the time! That and along the Charles.


(Listening to the podcast now...I know, I'm behind!)

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