Friday, February 13, 2009

Episode 54


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's 4 Feet Running's Super 5K race! This week:

- Nik and Dan head to beautiful Narragansett, R.I., for the Super 5K

- They prove to be invincible to cold weather, but Nik's kryptonite: rocks in her shoes

- Hammer Nutrition? You CAN touch this

- Dan takes his new Garmin 205 for a spin and loves how it helps his new Uncle Higgy schedule

- "You don't see this many people in tights unless it's a race"

- "The people I run with in races tend to be sort of elderly and a little bit broken-looking"

- It's a battle of the dueling Garmin tracking websites, with MotionBased vs. Garmin Connect (check out both logs to compare & contrast)

- They read tons of great e-mail from wonderful people

- Narragansett Super 5K results
- Narragansett Running Association
- Garmin 405 software for the Mac FINALLY
- Ascent software for Garmin
- See Ascent in action with Suukii's blog post for her half-marathon
- Run Lucie Run blog
- Where the hell is Wodonga? And yes, there really is Street View
- Happy reading: "First Marathons," "Running Within," and "Ultramarathon Man"
- Crazy Runner's Ocala Half Marathon race report
- Dirt Dawg's blog

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The Narragansett Super 5K race course is right by the ocean.

Nik takes a look at what's under the cool-looking castle-like structure seen in the top photo (we never bothered to find out for sure).

This part of the course was nice. The other part, near people's houses, wasn't as much.

Dan hands out Gun Show tickets as he approaches the finish line. Unfortunately, everyone had other plans.

Afterward, they went geocaching in Narragansett, which explains why they're messing around underneath a bridge (hint: the geocache wasn't there anyway).

Dan's new T-shirt matches the color of his iPod Shuffle. Get your own Dan Go Run gear here.


NB said...

I like all the pictures. You can't go wrong with lots of pictures.

The CRAZY Runner said...

Hey Guys! Thanks so much for the blog mention. Nik congrats on the PR!

New England Bites said...

Beautiful area, and nice gun show!

Laura :)

Mrs Swan said...

Great pics! Thhaaaaannnkkks for mentioning my husbands blog! He won't shut up about it! LMAO

The Crazy Runner's wife

Susan said...

Loving the green shirt!

Mary said...

Hi guys I just had to comment on Dan's "DAn go Run!!"

Anonymous said...

You should try which supports both the 405 and 305. It offers much of the same features as motionbased but also works directly with the 405. I find garmin connect to be very basic

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