Sunday, June 14, 2009

Episode 61


San Diego -- drink it in with 4 Feet Running! It always goes down smooth. This Part 1 of a 2-part San Diego extravamarathaganza! This week:

- Nik runs her fifth 26.2-miler, the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon

- Nik and Dan take a little pre-race jaunt around downtown San Diego, where they do some jogging -- or maybe it's "yogging," it may be a soft J

- Where's all the good weather at? And how'd Dan's beard get so gray?

- They stay at a "haunted" hotel, and as predicted they never hear or see anything

- They run by Petco Park and they don't see or hear anything there, either

- Nik and Dan see tens of thousands of people on race day in Balboa Park, including famous running bloggers Maddy (Maddy Runs) and Alisa (Ambitious Aspirations)

- Nik never ends up making the switch to Pacific time -- it's quite amazing, actually

- But she DOES make the switch to Ininji toe-socks, which feel terrific with sandals

- A little corral-side chit-chat with Nik, Alisa and Maddy about tea, toenails, and "emergency" iPod playlists

- Experience the music of the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon as Nik runs by

- And stay tuned for the next episode where we meet Nik out the race chute, get her race report, and more!

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In Nik's San Diego marathon swag bag? A box of macaroni and cheese. Really. (No, we had to throw it out)

Nik waits in line early on race day at Balboa Park.

She's got her race bib safety-pinned to her cute little Under Armour running skirt.

From left, three titans of the running-blogging community: Nik, Alisa, and Maddy.

One of the many "rock and roll" bands playing at the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon.

There were quite a few people dressed in weird costumes running the race...

...and some that weren't dressed at all. This guy ran the race painted to look like a victim from the Saw movies, apparently.


Dena said...

I got a bag of rice at my last race. That was a first. I kept it.

Alisa said...

I thought the Mac n Cheese was a really strange thing to have in the swag bag! Mine is on the shelves somewhere and probably won't be eaten (least not by me).

Yay for fun pictures! We all look so happy before the start!

Showtime said...

TJ Runner is the biggest loser in the history of losers "thus far". You guys rock and have the best podcast out there.

Also - should really write a book. I'm telling you right now that I would happily fork over $19.99 for "Dan's Musings on Life in General", or something similar. Your blog is absolutely hilarious.

Keep up the great work - you make my long runs much less of a pain in the arse.

Dan said...

Awwww...Thanks, Showtime! Speaking of which, I'll let you know where to send that $19.99. We could use it.

CewTwo said...

I think that the Mac n Cheese would have been a great give-a-way! Actually received in a swag bag!

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