Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Episode 62


You've rocked -- now let's roll with 4 Feet Running! It's the second half of Nik's San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathravaganza! This week:

- Nik crosses the finish line in beautiful San Diego and gives a full race report on her fifth 26.2-miler, one of her hardest

- Like Elvis? Nik doesn't -- at least not anymore

- Like runny-nosed kids? Nik doesn't -- at least not anymore

- Hear the long and complicated adventure of how they managed to leave the race finish area

- Which would you rather have hurt: your stomach from yucky electrolytes or legs from lack of electrolytes?

- Polyester and sequin jumpsuits, Adidas sandals with socks and walking poles: common San Diego marathon wear

- What did Nik and Dan think of San Diego? "The weather was not what we were promised"

- Nik bids a fond adieu to Uncle Higgy and says hello to Uncle Pfitzy

- Dan loves his mother, but not in a $50-for-a-T-shirt way

- Nik and Dan consider whether a billion dollars is worth being mauled by a bear for

- Another giveaway in the 4 Feet Running Book Club: "Ultramarathon Man" by fellow San Diego marathoner Dean Karnazes

- They get some great feedback from wonderful people

- Stay tuned to the very end for a special dawggie treat

San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon and the results (and the results for everyone else)
Big Papa Q's blog

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Nik is wiped out from holding the humongous Rock 'N' Roll Marathon medal.

She spent much of the first day of the vacation doing this in public places.

Later on, they went to the Museum of Man, which has a room celebrating the achievements of humankind -- among them, the Forerunner 405.

San Diego's a really nice spot. It's hard to fit it all in one picture.

Dan went all the way to San Diego and all he got was this lousy luchador mask...

Here's what Sweet Daddy D's dog Casey thinks of 2009 so far.


Jake said...

Another fantastic podcast you guys. I'm a fairly new listener, and I'm getting caught up on your older podcasts as well as enjoying the new ones. Listening to you guys on my commute is one of the highlights of my day.

Nik, I know that this one didn't go the way you wanted it to, but kudos to you for gutting it out. I think if your training had not been sidelined by injury, you would have had a PR for sure.

Dan, congratulations on your Half. I'm listening to your Salem podcast right now, and I'm amazed at the improvements you've made. Well done. The Mexican wrestling mask is mint by the way.

Take care guys. Keep up the good work.

Jake aka mainerunnerguy.

buryblue said...

Just listened to the two podcasts on your marathon Nik. What a cliff hanger! just had to run a bit longer so I could immeadiately hear episode 62 so as to hear whether you set a pr. Marathon races are so unpredictable even if you think you have covered every possible thing that may go wrong . Look at Paula Radcliffe the current world record holder there are many you tube videos highlighting what can wrong even for the elite.

Great achievement on completion of San Diego in a time many would envy and three cheers to the bag man Dan!

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