Friday, September 18, 2009

Episode 66


It's a do-over, reboot, renewed 4 Feet Running! After a little delay, they're ready to run again. This week:

- Nik and Dan explain where the hell the show has been for a month

- They're in an '80s mood for some reason

- Dan falls into a brief but crippling funk due to the heat, but finds redoing his schedule has improved his mojo

- Nik gets permission from famous listener Petra to revamp her schedule, too

- More grossness: bedbug nests, street trash, plus learn about the fascinating and repulsive life cycle of the hookworm

- Nik's knee issues are much improved thanks to forefoot running, and Dan gives her an elbow in the buttcheek

- They talk about the barefoot running craze and why they're skeptical of some of the more out-there magical claims

- Nik orders and tries out a pair of Nike Frees to help make her more speedy, though they make her toes feel like they've been working out

- Dan doesn't like the Frees because contrary to the name, they cost money

- They read lots of great feedback from listeners

- Special phone call from Hollywood Actor and runner Edward Norton, probably

More about Petra
Science of Sport article on footstrike position -- and how elites often actually heel-strike

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Nik's cute little Nike Free 5.0s. Heavy, no. Green, YES.


Petraruns said...

Ooh! I am feeling famous now. Very cool - though there is pressure now.

Will have to take this episode out on my first post-Berlin run next weekend. Am DELIGHTED that the Pfitz seems to be working for you as well as the forefoot strike. I have no doubt that Uncle Pfitzie got me the BQ though it was an UGLY show. Still - it doesn't matter I guess.

So provided I get my place in Boston - we might have to go for a run next spring?

Parker said...

Hey Nik and Dan,

Thanks for the feature! I was pretty stoked to hear that this morning on my run. It helped me get through the monotony of running on this tiny base. I will email with an update soon.

Thanks again, you guys rock!


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