Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Episode 67


Welcome to Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous with 4 Feet Running! This week is chock full of assorted topics:

- Nik and Dan go running in Newport, RI, where there are stray Bernese mountain dogs, wine corks littering the streets, and the resident wealthy eccentrics have personal croissant chefs

- They also have chicken breast on sale

- Nik gets faster in her Frees and breaks a weekly distance record

- Dan is a little faster too, because speedwork is agreeing with him

- He also has a drinking problem (he's addicted to carrying around his fuel belt bottle)

- They're both doing the Worldwide Festival of Races in Hartford next time

- A little about the psychology of goal-achievement with professor Richard Wiseman, and why Dan is always a nervous wreck

- Nik and Dan meet Stanley the German shorthaired pointer's doppelganger

- They discuss Nik's nutritional issues and various fun ironies involving the Paleo diet

- Anyone want some Del's frozen lemonade?

- Two more giveaways in the 4 Feet Running book club -- listen to find out how to win!

- Advice on how to arrive last in a road race

- They get some great feedback from wonderful listeners

Richard Wiseman's Afternoon Tea
The Bridgewater Triangle
Run Run Live with Chris Russell
Want to hear the rest of Woody Allen's "moose story"?

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Nik walks the dogs along the boardwalk by Easton Beach in Newport, being careful not to step on any abandoned silver-plated mussel forks or whatever passes for litter in America's Playground For The Wealthy.

They have good views, though.

Here at Easton Beach is where you'll find that Rhode Island oasis, the Del's frozen lemonade truck.

Myrna was annoyed she didn't get any.

Stanley would rather look over walls at the surf, personally. He may look contemplative, but he's actually thinking, "I like dog food."

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I used to work up the road a bit from where you were at Raytheon so I know that area quite well. Actually was in a beach volleyball tournament and played Vball all the time at ABC's nets.

Are you guys planning on doing the Pie Run which starts at the YMCA around the corner from ABC? If I'm healed by then I may take a stab at it.

Have fun and keep running.

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