Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Episode 69


Get two spooky races for the price of one with 4 Feet Running! In this giant-sized week:

- Nik and Dan run the Witch City 5K in Salem -- Nik in devil horns and Dan in his lucha libre mask

- Nik's out for fun, Dan's just hoping not to suffocate in the damn thing

- Gear up with some Brooks and Nike shoe chat, free tech-shirt talk, Halo headband convo

- The wrestling mask is surprisingly comfy and warm when it's cold in New England

- Nik has a great week! Oh wait, did I say great? I meant "not great"

- In case you were wondering which company makes the best ketchup chips, it's Herr's

- Obligatory parasite mention this week: whipworms!

- Some jerky douchebag asshat cuts Nik off on purpose -- some bozo in a yellow shirt

- Some 5-piece living room set books it past Dan going up a hill

- Nik and Dan also run the New Bedford Spooky Run 10K and 5K, respectively, with John from the Poi, Dan's mom, and a bunch of Nik and Dan's friends

- They wish for a Saturday morning cartoon where bad guys turn into monkeys. Someone get on this

- Nik and Dan get psyched up for the Philly races in a couple of weeks

- Too many cool costumes at the races to mention

- Too many PRs to mention -- Nik and Dan get THREE of them between them alone, plus more for John and Dan's mom

- Too much great email to mention from wonderful people

A 5-piece living room set finishes the Witch City 5K (I'm counting the dog rug).

Turns out it's difficult to run with a dog stuck in your bum cleavage.

More costumes: a pretty convincing Oompa Loompa outfit, and a rabbit in a hat.

One of the many bunches of bananas sprints to the finish.

Why is Nik smiling? Because that banana behind her is eating one of its own.

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