Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Episode 70


It's Rocky II: Rock Harder as 4 Feet Running takes on the 2009 Philadelphia Marathon and Half-Marathon! This episode:

- Nik is raring to run the full marathon (her sixth) and Dan shrugs toward the half-marathon (his second)

- They stop by the expo for some race swag first

- Due to technical difficulties, there's no live race-day audio, but that doesn't mean there's no drama...

- Dan almost burns down their hotel room and/or almost floods it, all because of green beans

- Nik almost misses the marathon entirely, possibly because of cheese

- Then they can't find their corrals, the race announcer forgets about some runners, Nik and Dan skip the porta-potties, a pacer gets floored, and Dan accidentally goes 100% caffeine cold-turkey (which is BAD)

- Nik is plagued by hunger and thirst in the wilds of Fairmount Park

- Her rationale for eating and drinking all kinds of stuff she shouldn't: "How much more sick could I possibly get?"

- Dan sees nudity

- He runs with his eyes shut in the hopes of taking a brief nap on the road

- Nik continues her PR domination, and Dan just misses it because of a pit-stop

- Uncle Pfitzy is definitely her favorite -- Uncle Higgy's kicked out of the family

- Lousy advice on where to run in Massachusetts and where to eat in Philadelphia

- They make big race plans for next year and read some email from wonderful listeners

Philadelphia Marathon results
Pat's and Geno's are both not as good as Monk's Belgian Cafe
Cape Cod Half-Marathon Trilogy
New Jersey Marathon
Amanda (JosieGal44) on Twitter (I could've sworn she had a blog up before)

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The race expo was in a great spot this year -- right near Nik and Dan's hotel.

Nik stands by the fountain in the morning before the race, the sound of running water playing havoc with Dan's bladder.

The race field was so crowded Dan couldn't even see the start line from his corral.

His bright new red running vest.

Dan ran with a joggler for a while. Interesting that a guy can run and juggle at Dan's pace, and if Dan wants to grab his water bottle he has to stop because he can't do it while moving.

The course went down to the Delaware River. You can see New Jersey from there!

Dan, trying not to fall asleep in the middle of the finishing area after the race. That's about as far as he could keep his eyes open.


Alisa said...

You both did great!

I can't wait to listen. Friday morning I'll be listening.

funderson said...

Congrats!! and AWESOME timing...I'll listen on my way to Vegas for my marathon on Sunday...SUNDAY...SUNDAY!

kristen said...

When you read my email and I mentioned that you were both on track for PRs I felt all bad when you didn't get one Dan :( Next time it is YOURS!
Congrats Nik and I hope your stomach stays healthy through the holidays!

Dave Powell said...

that joggler is throwing his balls quite high, did he do any tricks?

Dan said...

Dave: Nope, no tricks from the joggler, unfortunately! Unless juggling while still moving faster than me is a trick...

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