Friday, December 24, 2010

Run Photo of the Day 12.24.10: Merry Christmas Eve


Went for a nice little 5-miler today with the dogs in the ice and snow. I thought I'd celebrate the season by wearing my Santa hat.

The route took us by my old high school. Stanley found something very interesting over on the athletic fields.

Hundreds of Canada geese, all hanging around on the icy, snowy fields.

Only a few dozen meters away, we came upon a bunch of broken vinyl records tossed along the side of the road. Good stuff, too: Benny Goodman live at Carnegie Hall and Ray Charles. There were pieces of about five or six records that I saw, on both sides of the fence. Anybody who (a) litters and (b) treats jazz and R&B like this deserves to be on Santa's Naughty List.

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