Monday, October 8, 2007

Episode 12


Welcome to the 12th episode of 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan run through beautiful, traffic-plagued Wellesley, Massachusetts

- Celebrity chefs mentioned: Ming Tsai, Rachael Ray, the Barefoot Contessa

- Dan runs his first 2-miler and does OK with hills

- Nik does less OK on a lunch of cookies and soda, which threatens to make an "encore"

- They discuss meteorologists, Twizzlers, kale soup, and clouds of gnats

- They read feedback from lots of nice people

Links mentioned in the show:
This is What a Marathon Runner Looks Like

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


Blue Ginger, celebrity chef Ming Tsai's restaurant, where Nik once ate some kind of wet-duck-meat thing in a bowl full of water and bones, and Dan ate something he can't remember.

Wellesley College has a boring sign but a nice campus.

The library in downtown Wellesley is fancy inside. Dan sat inside this glass alcove using their free WiFi for a while.

Nik poses beside some of her art in the Wellesley library. There are several other frames where she's pulling faces.

Dan ventures into the art show, drawn by the intoxicating aroma of peanut butter and chocolate squares. He had two.


42at42 said...

I didn't even know if people read my blog. I just posted your shoutout late last night after my 10K and listening to you. I really enjoyed your podcast. It felt like I had real runners running with me. It really helps make the miles less painful. Good luck in your training and I will be waiting for your next podcast.


Susan said...

Cute as a button, you two!

Mindy said...

peanut...butter...and...chocolate? Excuse me for a minute while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

Zen Runner said...

What's the new recorder?! Sounds good.

Dan said...

Hi, everybody! Thanks for the comments.

42@42: Thanks so much for the compliments--we like running podcasts for those same reasons.

Susan: Aw, gawrsh!

Melinda: The PB&C squares were in fact delicious, and unfortunately I don't have the recipe.

Adam: Thanks! The recorder is an Olympus WS-300M, and we use a lapel microphone plugged into it attached to my shoulder between us as we run. You can check out here.

It's really easy to use, but I'm still getting the hang of making sure the audio levels won't hurt people's ears (hence the delay in this weekend's show, which should be up very soon).

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