Sunday, October 21, 2007

Episode 14


Welcome to the 14th episode of 4 Feet Running! It's a very special episode packed with adventure! This week:

- Dan and Nik run the Catholic Memorial Home 5K Harvest Race and Fun Run (or whatever it's called)

- It's Dan's first-ever 5K distance, and the longest he's ever run -- EVER

- Dan's knee is mysteriously swollen ahead of the race

- Nik has a running week packed with miles, yoga and "fairy cards"

- They discuss the merits of taking a bathroom break before a race, as opposed to taking all over yourself as you run

- Bananas appear in strange places

- Dan survives to run another day despite one crucial error

- They read an e-mail from a very nice person

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


Dan claims his coveted prize: a long-sleeved T-shirt covered with writing.

Nik prepares to run her 5K. Big deal. She does those in her sleep.

Dan psyches himself up for the race by reminding himself that he is fantastic.

Dan crosses the finish line with almost nobody else around. He thought it was because he came in so fast.

Their race results are posted at the refreshment table.

A banana is enjoyed after a hard day's run. Afterward, he threw the peel into the Port-a-potty with all the other bananas.


42at42 said...

Good job Dan, you are going to be hooked now.

Alisa said...

Great job Dan! I've been listening to your podcast for a few weeks now and it's fun to listen to someone else huffing and puffing rather than myself =). My husband and I both run...however, he is the Nik of our twosome...he is training for his first marathon in Jan and I'm looking to run my second half marathon (with a faster time). It's great to hear both of you and your running stories...I feel like you're "normal" runners, runners I can relate to. Keep it up!

42at42 said...

Dan, you were talking about chaffing. If you were talking about your thighs, try some wicking material boxer briefs. They are long enough that they cover the thighs. They also help control movement.

If you are talking about chaffing a slightly farther north, I think some vaseline (I keep forgetting to use it) might help.

Nik, Advil is ibuprofen, I think this can cause problems with longer runs. I think it can cause cramps and other stomach problems while running.

Dan said...

Alisa: Thanks for listening! Very nice of you. And thanks for the encouragement. I'm still in awe of the half-marathon distance, and the full marathon is phenomenal. (The ultramarathon is just throwing it in my face.) Good luck to both of you, and please let us know how your training's coming along.

42: Thanks, and you're right -- I am hooked. I'm looking for another 5K race to run before the winter, so I have something to compare my first one to. When I do, I'll be sure to use the vaseline.

Also, you're right about the Advil. I think we meant to say "aspirin" instead of "ibuprofen."

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Dan, way to go on an excellent time on your first 5K. You really have come a long way, stick with it, I bet by this time next year we will be talking half marathons and beyond.
Nik glad your hip and shin felt better so you could you get you 19 miles in, good job.

Rebecca said...

Great job guys on your 5k race! Dan, when you were talking about the old guy passing you during the race I could totally relate! During my second 5k, a nun, in full habit and a four year old girl passed me! Not only passed me, but took off like a bat out of hell(or so it seemed to me)! I tried and tried to catch up, but I couldn't. I was so demoralized. A running nun and a toddler passed me! After the race, I saw the little girl and asked her how she could run so fast. She said that she runs 4 miles every day. The nun went on to say that they were from the St Charles Home (a catholic foster home in Rochester, NH.) and ALL of the kids in their care run 4 miles a day, 5 days a week. I was very impressed! Come to find out, these kids are famous – they’ve been featured in Runners World and on the Early Show – check them out at

Anyway, after the nun and kids passed me, I vowed to get faster and try to work up to 5 days a week. I’m not there yet, but by next year – I will hopefully be faster than the nun!

So, keep up the great work! If you keep with it, your will only get better! Nik, good luck with the last 3 weeks of your marathon training! You can do it!


New England Bites said...

Great job!! I would have hated to come in under that line of question marks from unknown origin. Mary and Joy must feel like crap. Beaten by punctuation.

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