Sunday, October 14, 2007

Episode 13


This is 4 Feet Running, Episode 13! In this episode:

- Nik and Dan run for 40 minutes through the East Side of Providence

- They come across the Red Bull Soapbox Race, where they meet people with outrageous soapbox racers (very few of which are made with actual soap boxes)

- They talk about Rhode Island drivers and almost get hit by a few

- Nik and Dan again discuss the class system

- Nik continues her marathon training for Philadelphia, and Dan is one week away from his first 5K

- Get an audio tour of the soapbox racer judging

- They read feedback from very nice people


the Red Bull Soapbox Race
42@42 blog
This is What a Marathon Runner Looks Like

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


The Red Sox soapbox team were extremely enthusiastic (also probably drunk). They came in 3rd place.

This soapbox team was made up of a bunch of nerds. No, seriously. Look. See? They won 1st place, just like all nerds.

This one had a wicked cool mechanical mouse in the mug that actually moved. They said it was "mechanical," anyway.

The cutlery team gave us plastic spoons, which we still have, but will not use.

Our favorite soapbox was based on the battle scene from Woody Allen's "Love and Death," one of his early, funny films (see also: "Stardust Memories").

We're about 85 percent sure this is the Cigarette-Smoking Man from "The X-Files," dressed as the Tooth Fairy. He moved to cigars. He also gave us awful gum.

These guys were a pretty good band, and I think there was a soapbox in there somewhere.

Team Valhalla gave out free Viking helmets. We didn't get any, because they're difficult to run in (wind resistance). They won the People's Choice Award -- see also: free Viking helmets.

We later saw this soapbox, decorated like a Canadian beaver, crash right in front of us. F#@kin'-A!

This soapbox had a wheel that turned, with a giant stuffed mouse inside. Some person behind Dan said, "It'd be cooler if there was a guy in there." That guy would probably be dead by the end of the race.

We don't know what this guy was dressed as. A mushroom? A hot dog? Some sort of fleshy squash? We're stumped.

This was the slowest soapbox down the track at 2:30 (average time: 1:30) because it was a huge wrestling ring.

The Mummymobile!

These guys were dressed as two halves of an egg, and basically talked hilarious shit the whole afternoon.

Another great band, and their soapbox had a tremendous crash later in the afternoon, flipping over on its side and spilling some guy dressed as an old granny out onto the street.

A team from Fall River was actually in the race, and had a really nice soapbox that was pretty fast.

The Mustache Motors crew was handing out face-sicles of Tom Selleck. Nik wanted one, because she has a crush on Tom Selleck (circa "Friends").

We watched the show for the first 29 hours, and then we got a little tired.


42at42 said...

I think the one guy is dressed up as part of the male anatomy. The heart shows he is in love with this body part.

I haven't listened to Ep13 yet, but I will soon.

Dan said...

That particular costume was very...uh...lifelike when seen in person, I'm sorry to report.

There was actually somebody interviewing him for radio or something. It was pretty clear, listening to their conversation, that the reporter had almost figured out what the costume was, but not quite.

I don't know--he sounded like a nice enough guy, but Nik thought he came off a little cocky...

42at42 said...

I looked at the picture again and as I was driving I figured it out and I laughed out loud.

He is a "Heart On".

Nicole said...

LOL!!!! very true!

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