Monday, November 12, 2007

Episode 17


Welcome to the 17th episode of 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Dan runs the Vasque Luv2Run 5K Trail Run on the Charles River in Brighton, Mass.

- Nik sits out the run while she tapers for the Philadelphia Marathon

- Somehow, Dan gets a little lost, which is only the beginning of a highly embarrassing week

- Nik and Dan try to talk like young whippersnappers

- She suffers from an acute case of non-running, work-related crankiness

- Dan introduces this phrase into your vocabulary: "take a digger"

- They discuss their plans for the next few weeks and read e-mail from very nice people

Things that are fun to click:
- Check your Real Age
- Vasque shoes
- The Luv2Run series

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Dan sets off on the 5K trail run. Already, he's running behind. Sheesh.

Nik caught up with Dan while he was running. It was easy.

This tiny green blob appears to be him, wandering around aimlessly on the other side of the Charles River.

Dan finishes his second 5K race in record time (for him).

He purposely lagged behind so it'd be easier to find his name on the results sheet later.


MAT2006 said...

I really love your podcast! Congratulations, Dan, on your 5K. You finished miles ahead of all the people who stayed home in bed!

Have a great trip to Philadelphia. I am running the marathon myself (slowly) and I'm going to see if I can spot one or both of you along the way.

Nicole said...

Yay, someone else running Philly! I'll be the one at the back of the pack. :P

Good luck, Mat!!!

42at42 said...

Good run Dan, you've got a new PR. Good luck in Philly Nik.

Nicole said...

Thanks Marty! BTW, I'm definitely putting the "Around the Bay 30K and the To the Bay and Back 5" on my list of possible races next year. Looks like a fun one

Rebecca said...

Great job Dan! See, by next year you will be able to zip past those nuns! You guys should come up to NH for a race - we have 1000s of people enter most of our local 5ks and tons of slow people (including me!)

Good luck in Philly Nik!
I leave you with my new mantra for running - "Pain is temporary, pride is forever."

Dan said...

Mat: Thanks for the encouragement. I'll feel better about coming in last once I wear my new T-shirt.

Marty: Thanks to you too! Hopefully that PR doesn't last long...

Rebecca: I do want to be able to run faster than most nuns, yes, so that's the goal I'm working toward. A race with thousands of slow people would be great--Nik tells me that she uses other people in the race to pace herself. All the people in my races remain tantalizingly out of reach...

Brian said...

Dan good run, 36 min not to shabby.
You're making real progress.
Nik, good luck in Philly, I hope you have your best day.
Thanks for the podcasts and keep up the fine work.

You pal from down south.

-Go Pats!

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