Sunday, November 18, 2007

Episode 18


This is the 18th episode of 4 Feet Running -- and Part 1 of a very special 2-part 2007 Philadelphia Marathon spectacular! This week:

- Nik and Dan travel hundreds of miles across the unforgiving wilderness of suburban Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania

- They discuss, and eat, junk food

- Nik and Dan stop in Scranton, Pa., home of Dunder Mifflin Inc., which because of a snafu doesn't get recorded

- They take a 2-mile run through downtown Philly to get Nik nice and limber

- Nik prepares to run her second 26.2-miler

- It briefly becomes 4 Feet Painting as they get into a highbrow art discussion

- Make sure to listen next week to see how well Nik ran the marathon!

Stuff to click that's awesome:
- Artists aplenty at Artchive: check out de Chirico, Renoir, Degas, Monet, Giorgione, Titian, Mark Tansey, Rembrandt, Sargent, Duchamp, Klee, Mondrian, Bonnard, Andrew Wyeth, Van Eyck

- Luis Bunuel online and on IMDB

- Watch the full film of "Un Chien Andalou" (it's short, gross, and interesting)

- Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius in your spare time: (Fahrenheit - 32) x 5/9 = Celsius; or, even more fun: (Celsius x 9/5) + 32 = Fahrenheit

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Dan navigates while Nik drives. It's their "thing."

They enjoy the thrill of the open road and the chips and candy that come with it.

Kevin from "The Office" would love this sign.

Nik and Dan arrive in Scranton, having driven more than 2 hours out of their way to photograph an abandoned factory building that appears for less than 1 second in the opening credits of a television show. "Happy now?" she said. "Mmf," he said.

Nobody told the poor son of a bitches in Scranton that Dunder Mifflin is not actually real. We did see a few people who looked like Phyllis and a couple of Creeds.

They drive on to Philadelphia and check out their hotel room, which is much swankier than they had expected -- this is the view from their window as they keep an eye on the Masonic Temple. They tried to peek in their windows, but it was just a bunch of old guys drinking and talking about real estate.

Their hotel suite has a full kitchen, much to Nik's delight, as she can make all the damn oatmeal and boiled eggs she wants. Dan calls a grocery store to have a live chicken brought in and a couple sheaves of wheat.


Susan said...

I can not wait until the next podcast!

Denise Reaman said...

i just discovered nik and dan -- and i'm hooked.

Dan said...

Welcome aboard, Running Mom! Very funny blog, by the way.

Susan: I can't wait for the next podcast, either. I'm right now wading through 4 1/2 hours of raw audio footage. Thank God the recorder conked out halfway through Nik's marathon -- it would've been 7 hours...

Susan said...

Keep up the good work, Dan! I am so excited to hear about Philly! Rocky was on last night and I thought of you two! Ha ha ha.

Dan said...

Thanks, Susan, I'm about halfway there. And not to spoil it, but the upcoming episode has a very, very subtle Rocky-ish sort of flavor... :D

New England Bites said...


I had never seen a single episode of The Office, and I read this particular blog entry, I said, "Great - more inside stuff I'm not getting." I asked Santa for the DVD sets so that I can watch them all, and it is now 5:57 p.m. - almost 24 hours of non-stop watching of The Office (minus six or so hours for sleeping and a bathroom breaks). I'm HOOKED!!!! Great photos. For some reason Kevin reminds me of every guy who has ever asked me out. Sad.

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