Sunday, November 25, 2007

Episode 19


Welcome to the 19th episode of 4 Feet Running, and Part 2 of the 2007 Philadelphia Marathon spectacular! It's an extra-special show packed with laughs, heartbreak, adventure, romance, and glory! This week:

- All of Nik's training pays off for the Philly Marathon

- Nik and Dan wait in line at the marathon expo for her race number, an orderly process that devolves into pandemonium in a matter of seconds

- They attend the marathon expo and gather a bunch of swag

- Nik and Dan try out the Sleep Number Bed, as seen on TV

- They collect their thoughts before the big run and get psyched up

- Nik is herded into a group of several thousand people running through downtown Philadelphia

- She sees many of them peeing on downtown Philadelphia's bushes, just right out in the open

- Nik's thorough post-race report includes moments of juggling, beer-drinking, and one furious runner having the "worst day" of his life

- They read feedback from some very nice people

- Short video coming soon (I hope)!

Stuff that's fun to click:
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The Phedippidations podcast
It's Yuengling time
The story of another athlete who did pretty well in Philadelphia

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Nik and Dan attend the 2007 Philadelphia Marathon expo at Temple University. Nik is there to pick up her race bib, while Dan scavenges for free crap.

Dan is ecstatic to have found a free racing bib, which he hopes to exchange for a T-shirt and a hot meal.

Nik gently reminds him that it's hers and makes her way to the expo floor.

The Liacouras Center's arena is packed with people selling racing shoes, clothes, bottles, accessories, energy bars, rice (!), Sleep Number Beds, and, in the foreground, "homeopathy" b.s.

Nik awaits the start of the race in the pre-dawn hours, right near the Eakins Oval in downtown Philadelphia. She is easy to spot in her cute green shirt.

This is one of the many times Nik thought they were actually starting the race, but they weren't.

After the race, she has her picture taken by Dan's sister (fuzzy arm at left) while wrapped in a Philly Marathon space blanket. Her marathon time: 4:37:45.


42at42 said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Doesn't beer foam up when you are running?
Last year at the 5K race at the Around the Bay, some 13 year old girl started laying into me with the elbow. There was plenty of room, she must have thought it was roller derby. I slowed a little, and 50 yards down the road she started walking. When you are back where I am in the pack, you aren't fighting for a medal??????

BTW, no offense, but at the end of the podcast you sounded like ____.(You can fill in the blank)I hope you feel better.

Rebecca said...

Great job with the race Nik! You are my hero! Beer and racing, why didn't I think of that!!

If you're still looking for that next race - consider the the Half at the Hamptons (that's Hampton, NH) on Feb 10, 2008 -

Great work with the podcast Dan - all those hours of editing payed off. I hope you will keep with the weekly shows throughout the winter!!!

Nicole said...

42at42: Thanks Marty- I did feel like "@!*#%$" Ya know, I had no idea I sounded so bad until I heard the podcast. I think I'm okay now, I guess the next podcast will tell...
btw, Beer goes down smooth and gloriously at mile 21! :)

Rebecca: Awww, thanks Rebecca! That sounds like a great next race- I'm so glad you told us about it! Actually, it's a few days after, Dan's 31st birthday, so it looks like it will be a nice weekend getaway for us.
Dan is so great at editing! He's such a trooper for listing to me breathe heavy and eat Clif Bloks for 2 hours. He's having waaaay to much fun playing with his vast music collect, so there should be plenty of future podcasts. :D

Anonymous said...

nic & dan

stalker luke here i was there i paced a lady who finished in 4:14 so we probaably saw each other somewhere on the out and back between knocking people over to get beer or brownies, im suprised you didnt see me :) although the beer was yuengling ( im a cheaper beer man myself ) anyway congrats on the run, i hope your recovering ok and keep on keeping on


Dan said...

Hey, great job at the marathon, Stalker Luke! That's an excellent time! Nik didn't say anything about brownies. I would've signed up to be a volunteer.

Also, that Yuengling stuff is pretty good -- we had a six-pack later. Nik's starting to feel better (or at least, she's sounding less congested).


Tom M. said...

I'm catching up with the podcasts. So, since I haven't seen it here yet, I must say I appreciated the Central Scrutinizer reference at 12:40. So it took 2.5 years, but it wasn't wasted.

Dan said...

Wow! Thanks, Verbivore! You should win some sort of prize for that. One of these days we'll get prizes... :D

Thanks for listening!

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