Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Episode 20


It's the 20th episode of 4 Feet Running! Hooray! This week:

- Start spreading the news: Nik and Dan run for 2 miles through New York City's Central Park

- They talk about their friend who literally ran away and joined the circus

- Nik feels better after a nasty cold left her in shambles after last week's marathon

- Dan's shoes announce their retirement

- They weigh the merits (culture) and demerits (cost) of living in Manhattan

- Nik and Dan wonder aloud exactly how tall Arnold Schwarzenegger is, given how much controversy there is on the subject

- Other oddities seen: Cirque du Soleil contortionists and ladies in fur coats drinking mimosas well before noon

Stuff that's wicked fun to click:
Cirque du Soleil's "Wintuk" show
Terry does mind-blowing tricks on a skateboard
How tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger...really?

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Dan makes a very moody phone call from the corner of 5th and 31st streets in Manhattan.

The Lord & Taylor's on 5th is covered in hundreds of lights and has incredible window displays. Suck it, Macy's.

In this display, Santa is on a gondola ride for some reason. He's going to see where I Can't Believe It's Not Butter is made.

Nik stands in the frigid weather in Rockefeller Plaza. Tree doesn't look so big.

Wow, wait, that tree is big. It would totally crush that kid in the pink jacket if it fell. It did not, though.

Nik prepares to run 2 miles in Central Park, or 31 minutes, whichever comes first.

Dan asks passersby for spare change while waiting for the Garmin to work in Central Park.

The Manhattan skyline gleams in the sun like a ripped-off Rolex watch sold by a street vendor.


Petraruns said...

As they say in England, you guys are bonkers! But in a good way.. Can't wait to hear the next episode. Well done both of you on your recent racing successes - keep the show coming because I love it.

Rene said...

You both definitely do NOT suck.

Actually, I like the way you do a runner's couplecast. And how Dan is drifting, not committing to a race, is very recognizable. Like Nik said, you need to set a goal for yourself. If you do that, and tell it to your friends, you feel the pressure to just do it, and not chicken out.

Keep up the good work. I love your podcast. No, I really do! I prefer your show over Steve Runner's show.

From a devoted Dutch listener to your podcast, who is a long-time runner (since August 1998).

Susan said...

Excellent show as always! I enjoyed it very much.

Nicole said...

Petraruns: Thanks so much! I think people here in the US think we're "Bonkers" too, but more the crazy connotation.

Rene: Yay, we don't suck! Thanks Rene, I think we needed to hear that! :)

Susan: aww shucks!

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