Monday, December 24, 2007

Episode 23


Welcome to a very special Christmas episode of 4 Feet Running, episode 23! This week:

- Nice: Nik and Dan and their dogs go for a 3-mile slog down the slushy median of Commonwealth Avenue in Boston

- Naughty: Dan doesn't do so well at it

- Nice: Nik discusses her plans to do not one but possibly three marathons in 2008

- Nice: She also is planning to run various and sundry other races and do an icy New Year's Day ocean plunge

- Naughty: Speaking of things that are cold, Dan is super-grumpy because of bladder issues, traffic, and a startling lack of holiday cheer

- Very naughty: He restores it by trying to peek at his Christmas presents

- Very nice: They read some e-mails and mention some fans' blogs

Links to very nice people's blogs:
Shady Side Running
Gabs a Trucker
Sarah Austin
London to Paris 2008
How Far You Going
Running Riding and Things
Diet Snake Oil

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for your very nice comments about my blog in your latest podcast. You two are awesome, I usually end up laughing out loud during most episodes and getting some very strange looks from the people passing me. Evidently it makes people nervous when the driver of the big truck they went by is laughing hysterically--I don't know why ;-).
Thanks again for the mention and please keep the episodes coming!! Gabrielle

Zen Runner said...

Hey kids... thanks for creating my favorite podcast. You two are so awesome and every time I find a new episode on my ipod, it's just like Christmas morning... and that's saying something coming from a buddhist jew.. Oy Gavelt Namaste...

Susan said...

Great sweaters! :)

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