Thursday, January 3, 2008

iTunes category switcheroo

Hi there! New podcast coming this weekend, but first an announcement.

We recently switched our iTunes category from Fitness and Nutrition to Sports (Amateur). You shouldn't notice any changes in the content or delivery of the show, but we just wanted to share why we did this:

a) almost all the other running podcasts were in Sports (Amateur) too

b) we wanted to increase our visibility on iTunes

c) in the Fitness and Nutrition category's Today's Top 100 Podcasts, we were constantly hovering around #60 -- stuck behind a slew of yoga podcasts (yogcasts!), jiggly Ford Models doing crunches and stretching, Hot Nude Yoga, some guy's torso and abs, and Maya the Computer-Generated Exercise Lady

Even just after a few days, switching our iTunes category has raised our profile and given us a bump in downloads. Woo hoo!

[Also, skip this part unless you appreciate technical gobbledygook: If you use the RSS address to subscribe to the show using some non-iTunes method, double-check to make sure you're subscribed to For a couple of months, we used a FeedBurner address to try out that service, but we aren't using it anymore.]

Look for a new show coming very soon, and happy new year!

Nik and Dan


42at42 said...

OK I have a problem - HOT NUDE YOGA - lokks like it was all guys. Thankfully it didn't run. You should warn people and not try to scare me.

Zen Runner said...

I think HOT NUDE RUNNING would be far more entertaining, but then again I live in a swamp...

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