Saturday, January 5, 2008

Episode 24


It's the 24th episode of 4 Feet Running, the first show of 2008! This week:

- Nik and Dan have plans to run the Hangover Classic 5K in Salisbury, Mass., and Nik prepares to do a polar bear plunge

- They don't, because Nik decides to have an emergency appendectomy instead

- Nik and Dan talk about her surgeon, whose name rhymes with a battery-operated adult toy

- Nik has a secret tip for getting to the front of the line at the ER

- They spend New Year's in the hospital watching "The Twilight Zone"

- It's The Year in Running as they go over their 2007 stats and make resolutions for 2008

- They read feedback from some very nice people and play a very special promo from Adam "Another Runner" Tinkoff

Great stuff to click:
Jon from Diet Snake Oil
Adam Tinkoff's new podcast: Another Runner
Susan (who liked our dogs' sweaters)

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Nik (tuft of hair at top under the blanky) recovers on the couch in the 4 Feet Running studios.


42at42 said...

I haven't listened yet, but Nik, you are not supposed to get sick before you take your ice bath.
Dan give my best regards to Dr. Demote. The TV remote is my favourite battery operated toy.

I'll have to listen and I'll talk to you later.

Zen Runner said...

Oh man oh man oh man oh woman... Here's wishing you a fast and speedy recovery Nik. Best wishes and I'm sure you'll be feeling fine in no time. Take good care and we'll all be putting some extra miles in for you.

Jason Woertink said...

I hope you are feeling well. I was excited to hear my name in this weeks podcast, I feel so famous. Also I am not sure if you said "" or just "buckeyeoutdoors" but be sure to tell people to go to .com and not .net since that is a hunting and shooting site.

42at42 said...

Steve Runner just did an episode on the hazards of running.

Nik, running shook your appendix loose. See Dan you should have never let her run. Ask any non-runner, that is what they'll tell you.

Brian said...

Sorry to hear you're on the DL.
Glad that you're on the mend, take it easy, and drink tea.


Susan said...

I agree - take it easy!

And I'm going to remember the "soup in a baggy" trick! Ha.

40somethingrunner said...

listened for the first time this week and enjoyed your podcast. hope you are feeling better and looking forward to the next one.

New England Bites said...

Awww, feel better Nik! At least you have the dogs to keep you company on the couch.

Laura :o)
New England Bites

PS - I never answered your question as to who the local celebs were that I saw at Al Mac's Diner. Ted Kennedy and Miss Massachusetts USA! Magical, huh?

Feel better!!!

Jon said...

I'm all caught up on episodes now! Thanks for the mention, not once, but twice.

Nik, I hope you're feeling better. Surgery sucks, but it should be interesting to hear what a marathon runner has to do to get back to the race after surgery. (Always look for the silver lining, right?)

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