Sunday, January 20, 2008

Episode 25


Steak, lobster, and a 3-miler: It's the surf-and-turf episode of 4 Feet Running with Nik and Dan! In this 25th installment:

- Nik and Dan run through the streets of Fall River because it's snowy and nobody can be bothered to shovel

- Nik is well on her way back after having appendix surgery

- Dan discusses his recent slowdown in running and his new favorite weight-training device

- Nik buys shoes from a friendly running-store hermit

- They talk about how Fall River has the highest rate of diabetes in Massachusetts, and the city's weight loss challenge, and how lobster dinners don't help this

- Learn more about Portuguese American diets

- There's an embarrassing mixup on Buckeye Outdoors -- honest

- They read feedback from some very, very nice people, including get-well wishes and some more iTunes reviews

Click this stuff:
Shovelglove: as fun to say as it is to do
Fall River Fitness Challenge
Wikipedia: Portuguese cuisine
Mary's blog -- for other assorted listeners and fellow podcasters, check along the side

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This image of a Portuguese steak, topped with a fried egg, was taken by someone staying at a hostel in Lagos, Portugal, called the Rising Cock. To find out more about Rising Cock, including "Cockwear" and Rising Cock accommodations, go here.

City Councilor Leo, at the podium, says he'll get a "big lobster dinner" after taking the Fall River Fitness Challenge. New Mayor Bob, second from left, suggests not.


42at42 said...

Cool show. I used to be Councillor Leo, it took me many years before I finally got down to it and got serious.
I had to visit Buckeye and see your comment. I hope your a$$ has recovered ;)
My wife and my initials are either S&M or M&S, depending on my mood.

Nicole said...

Thanks M!
my a$$ is much better. I seriously did not discover the said comment's suggestive meaning until I read it for the podcast!

Hopefully good ol'Leo will take the diet seriously and not just try to try. I hate to see anyone become ill due to their weight problems.

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