Monday, December 10, 2007

Episode 21


Welcome to the 21st episode of 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik and Dan go for a 3-mile run through the winter wonderland that is Fall River's Oak Grove Cemetery

- Dan unveils his new Hal Higdon-approved training plan

- Nik continues to recover capably from her marathon and begins to plan her next running season

- They talk about how nice snow is -- love it or leave it, crabby New Englanders

- But ice is slippery and unpleasant

- They discuss the upcoming Christmas holiday and how Dan's much more into it than Nik is (for reasons which are very sad)

- Nik and Dan also wonder which superhero has the best, or stupidest, super power

- Some very nice people send in some great e-mail

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running in Hyannis

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

Nik and Dan have a veritable constellation of Christmas lights on their front porch. One of those small constellations.

Nik peeks out the window while Stanley tries to eat several bulbs off the Christmas tree.

Last year, Stanley liked to eat ornaments off the Christmas tree. This year, he's bigger and older -- so he will be able to reach the ornaments much higher up.

The newest jewel on Nik and Dan's Christmas tree is Dan's, a replica of a cherry-red Gibson EDS-1275 SG-style doubleneck electric guitar, with a 12-string neck and a 6-string neck, exactly the sort played by Led Zeppelin guitar god Jimmy Page (available for about $3,000 and change at better music retailers, in case you're looking for gift ideas)

Their banister is decorated in a glorious green that unfortunately doesn't mask the fact that the stairs need to be refinished.

We like Christmas lights. A lot.

The dogs don't care as much.


Jason Woertink said...

Love the show. The best super powers are super healing/long life similar to Wolverine before the claws. The second best would be instant teleportation. You could take your lunch breaks on a beach in Hawaii, have dinner in Paris or Tokyo, and live pretty much anywhere.

Nicole said...

Thanks Jason! You're totally right! I change my answer- definitely want that teleportation thing.

Dan said...

Agreed. Like Nightcrawler. Or, you know who's a hero? Hiro, from Heroes. That's a hero.

Brian said...

Hi Guys,
I am a few shows back, but Dan said you had planned to stop the show post marathon. Plase keep up the fine work, I love the show, but I feel like a stocker. Some day I'll send you guys a race report, I got a half in Feb, just maybe I will record something.

So please keep it up, I think I speak for everyone when I say "We love the show".


Nicole said...

Brian, Please give us a race report and, oooh, even better as a recorded bit!

And, awe shucks, thanks for the kind words!! *blushing*

Susan said...

I love your holiday decor!

Alisa said...

Agreed...teleportation! I'm all about getting a tan on my lunch break!

Dan, you can totally do a 10k...just be consistent and you'll have it in the bag...just remember what I said about picking races with lots of people =).

Since a European marathon is somewhat unrealistic you guys should try the San Diego Rock n Roll...Justin and I are going to do it! Lots of first time marathoners, lots of registrants and an 8 hour time limit =). AND nothing is better than San Diego in the summer. (Clearly, I'm one of those people who would happily live in one season-SUMMER.) Check it out...looks like fun.

42at42 said...

You asked who would win in a fight between SuperGirl and Superman. Superman is a gentleman and would never hit a woman, so he would have to sit there and take a beating. Also I think Supergirl's super nag power would be worse than Kryptonite.

42at42 said...

I definitely wouldn't want super strength. Everybody would want you to help them move.

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