Friday, May 2, 2008

Episode 35


It's 4 Feet Not Running with Nik and Dan! This week:

- Nik and Dan are hotel-bound in New York City due to rotten weather (they're going to run next week, promise)

- Nik goes for a 3.5-miler, but her feet hurt from wearing "girl shoes" at a conference

- Dan gets his pants and Chuck Taylors soaked by rain

- Then begins his bizarre 10-mile quest across Manhattan for more pants

- They run into Clive Owen -- yeah, that Clive Owen -- and catch a Broadway show

- Nik meets a guy who writes and publishes bathroom books, all by himself

- They get some feedback from very nice people

- Special thanks to Gordon from Tiree for his song "Buddha Bill"

Run to Disney
Captain Picard of the USS Macbeth
Buying pants on the Internet is a lot easier
Nik's upcoming Providence marathon

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Thanks to Stuart from Australia, who spotted this kangaroo on a recent run!

He also shot a picture of this giant mouse.

Nik emerges from her conference into the pouring rain, where Dan is waiting with soaking wet jeans.

Clive Owen (center) chats with some people who get paid significantly less than he does, on the set of "Duplicity."

Here, Clive prepares for his pivotal "talking on the cell phone while walking down the street" scene.

And here's a movie Nik and Dan shot of them watching Clive at work.


Alisa said...

Why do all the cute "girl shoes" wreck our feet??

Alisa said...


Great job on the PR today---look at how far you've come!

Unknown said...

ooh, Clive Owen!! I am so jealous, he's one of my favorite actors. Haven't listened to the podcast yet but I'm looking forward to it as usual.

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