Saturday, May 10, 2008

Episode 36


Two races for the price of one with 4 Feet Running! This week:

- Nik runs the Cox Providence Marathon while Dan runs the New Balance 5K

- It rains a lot. Again.

- Nik runs about a bergillion miles this week, shattering her previous record of half a bergillion

- Dan gets a new Nike+ Sportband, which is wicked cool

- Nik explains how all the artists she knows tend to not run marathons, but her own personal funk is over

- Dan chats with The Mystery Lady, a fellow 5K runner

- The biggest thrill about running the first-ever marathon in Providence: full bottles of Gatorade

- The worst thing about running the first-ever marathon in Providence: friction and bloody thighs

- They describe their new running challenge and get some great feedback from very nice people

Providence Rhode Races (get it?)
Be the coolest kid on your block and get a Nike+ Sportband
A Million Feet Running
Another Runner's Easy 100 Mile Challenge

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Nik puts on her game face for the Cox Providence Marathon, knowing it will put her over the top for the Another Runner Easy 100 Mile Challenge.

Dan's just happy to run a race with a timing chip.

Nik wears her RISD hat to represent every artist, everywhere, who's ever not run, at all.

It was pouring rain in downtown Providence, but luckily there was no thunder or lightning as forecast.

It's a good crowd at the finish line on Weybossett Street.

Nik gets across the finish line in great time.

Why is this person smiling? Because she's got a free Gatorade. In about five minutes, she won't be smiling anymore as she realizes she's got horrible, bleeding friction burns on her thighs.

Dan spots the cameraman from Capstone, and is not particularly happy about it.

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