Sunday, September 23, 2007

Episode 10


This is 4 Feet Running, Episode 10! This week:

- It's 12 Feet Running as Nik and Dan take dogs Stanley and Myrna for a 25-minute jog

- Dan breaks his all-time running record at 27 minutes despite running by a bunch of schoolkids

- The dogs' various habits, tricks, and PRs are discussed

- Nik has a great running week, except for the pain in her foot, a full bladder and bloody hand

- Dan suddenly begins to stink pretty bad

- The animals get rubbed with ice

- Nik also runs 17 miles across state lines and talks about eating "mystery meats" as a child at Chinese restaurants

- They read feedback and talk about the social sacrifices you make for being a runner

Links mentioned in the show:
OnPoint Rescue
Labs 4 Rescue
Zen Treats

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


Brian said...

Good show this week, I just can't believe its free.
Kind of fun to listen to the dog running with you, very NPR like.
I'm not sure, but towards the end it sounded like maybe Dan was riding one or even both dogs, not sure if you can call that running.
All kidding aside, you two are putting on a great show and Dan I am happy to hear you running.

Dan said...

I WAS riding on the dogs by the end! Good ears! I've rigged up a comfortable throne like the kind they use on elephants in the movies, and with a little parasol attached. You don't get so sweaty that way.

I've tried this with the cats, too, but since I outweigh them by 180 pounds they get really irritated.

Hope you did good with the Kaiser Permanente run.

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