Sunday, September 16, 2007

Episode 9


Welcome to 4 Feet Running's 9th episode! This week:

- It's a 25-minute jog through downtown Bristol, R.I., the noisiest town, like, ever

- Dan's C25K week 7 is wicked crappy because he gets a side stitch

- Nik's marathon training goes a lot better than last week because her hip is a little better

- They talk about coffee (Dan likes it), waking up early (Dan hates it), dogs (they like them), and drinking cheese (Nik did it)

- Dan finally figures out the mathematical formula for minutes per mile

- Nik knows no long-distance runners who carry as much water as she does amphipod

- They reminisce about hanging out in Bristol and Nik beating the crap out of him in chess

- Dan wins 50 bucks in the lottery, which they spend on lobster rolls

- They read feedback from nice people.

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love all of your pictures!

Nicole said...

Thanks for visiting Kate! :)

Brian said...

I have a Camelback flashflo 45oz full of cool water, on top of that I will take another bottle for longer runs.
Carry all you can.
Great show.
Your pal from down south,

Nicole said...

On my next long run(18 miles),I'm going to have to add yet another bottle to the 40oz I carry now. Today, I just finished up 17 miles with barely a drop of water.

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