Sunday, September 9, 2007

Episode 8


This is Episode 8 of 4 Feet Running! In this episode:

- Nik and Dan go for a 25-minute jog, and he predicts (inaccurately) his own death at the hands of bears or alligators

- They talk about their various attempts to lose weight

- Dan's Couch to 5K Week 6 is going fantastic

- Nik's marathon training isn't as fun, because she has a hurt hip from sitting on her bum too much at work

- One of the cats also keeps stealing her chair

- Nik confesses she doesn't like chouri├žo, which may trigger an international incident with the nation of Portugal

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Thanks for listening, and enjoy!


Brian said...

Hi Guys,

Relly go show this week, please keep up the good work. Dan you are one funny guy. "I mean, funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh". What do you do that you go to work @ 02:00.
Nik, your funny too.
In you show you talk about your marathon training, and how you missed a day or so. Well I've missed a few days with a cold, and I am beating myself up about missing the miles. But the reality for me is, I needed to heal up a bit, I was getting run down. And like your hip, a rest now will payoff down the road, so don't worry about it.

Go Pats.

Dan said...

Hey, Brian! Thanks for the compliments! I'm an editor at a newspaper that's published in the early afternoon, so I gotta be up at the crack of 1 am, with the vampires and coyotes. You're right about taking time to heal when you're feeling lousy--there's no sense in getting sicker, and the sooner you feel better the sooner you'll be able to make up your training.


Rebecca said...

Glad you didn't actually get hit by a car! I think it's a New England thing - motorists don't like runners/walkers! I think they aim for you!

I want to make a 25 MPH t-shirt so I can point at it every time someone speeds by me at 60 mph! Or maybe attach one of those "Your Speed Is" digital contraptions on my back. Although that may cause a rumble - and I'm way too passive for that!

Dan, about the side stitch - if your method works, go with it, but my running mentor said don't push on it (which goes against Runners World's advice.) It helps at first, but when you let go, it hurts more! You need to contract the diaphragm to get rid of the stitch. The best way to do that is to breathe out hard (like your blowing up a long balloon) and contract your stomach. But as you said, whatever works FOR YOU!

Anyway, keep up with the great work!

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